Nexus 7 owners complaining of GPS, touchscreen problems

A growing and increasing vocal set of new Nexus 7 owners are complaining of several major issues affecting the recently-launched tablet.

The most apparent is a touchscreen issue that affects the slate’s multitouch abilities. Users are finding the screen to move without touch input at all, or that touch response is sporadic and glitchy.

The video shows a simple multitouch test going horribly wrong. Google has acknowledged the issue and is investing its source — likely a buggy software driver — but it appears that only a small number of units are affected. This recalls issues with the Nexus One, which also had inconsistent multitouch response.

The second issue involves faulty GPS, which is rarely used on a tablet but is still an integral part of any maps or navigation usage. Users are complaining that the device will lose a GPS lock after approximately 30 minutes, and is unable to regain it.

A third, smaller subsection of users are complaining of random reboots and major software slowdown.

Google is looking into all of these issues, and hopefully they will be resolved with a simple OTA update.

Source: XDA-Developers, Google
Via: Android Police