Nexus 7 owners complaining of GPS, touchscreen problems


  • Ryan

    My original N7 is great!

  • Rich

    Like I always say, let the early adopters be the beta testers.
    Whether it be an iPhone, Galaxy, or even Nexus device, they can all hit problems such as these regardless of how many billions they have in their bank account.

  • Jacob Mischka

    I haven’t experienced any of these problems. The Google Play Store error is the only thing affecting my Nexus 7 to my knowledge. The touchscreen does seem to get a little finicky when swiping sometimes, though using a multitouch sensor app like in the video I am unable to replicate such major problems that that user is facing.

    • Pascal Bouffard

      The Google Store error is not related to the Nexus 7. People with different devices are reporting this issue on many forums.

    • Jacob Mischka

      I am aware of this, though it certainly is affecting the device. Of course it is also affecting my Nexus 4 and I assume virtually every other Nexus device on the market.

    • Tommy Crosby

      It’s a Server error, nothing related to Nexus devices, it affect any devices.

    • Jacob Mischka

      It doesn’t affect my roommate with this GS4. I am aware of the issue. It only seems to affect Nexus users.

    • Eluder

      Nope, I had the issue on my HTC One as well so it has nothing to do with Nexus devices.

  • Dizz

    Stand-by battery life is terrible as well. Drains 1-2% per hour while tablet isn’t being used. That’s on stock with no additional apps installed

    • Pascal Bouffard

      Mine is losing 1% per 3 or 4 hours stand-by with WiFi ON and GPS off.

    • Claude Gohier

      I unplugged mine 3½ hours ago… Still 100% charged with 12 minutes of screen time.

    • S2556

      usually a rogue app causing a wakelock. Use better battery stats in the play store to diagnose.

    • Dizz

      As stated, happens on stock with NO additional apps installed.

  • Pascal Bouffard

    Can you find one new product that doesn’t have a small number of units affected by 1 or 2 issues after the launch? … It’s happen all the time no matter the cost. Mine is perfect.. No issue at all. It’s the best tablet ever made, incredibly fast and an awesome screen. Consumers are lucky to have this device from Google for this low price.

    • Pascal Bouffard


    • Pascal Bouffard

      Almost all of them?

    • somedoobsandbeer

      Ugh, since its clear you have no clue. Buddy is right. For the price it IS the best tablet ever made (to date). 100% the best android tablet, and build quality right up there with apple. I know, I’ve also owned over 2 dozen slabs. This new n7 rocks.


      I also test a bunch of devices and the new Nexus 7 is not only the best tablet but it’s one of the best mobile devices ever made, it’s as close to perfection any device has ever come. My Nexus 7 2nd Gen works flawlessly & I haven’t put it down since I got it about a week ago. It’s faster a d smoother than even my Galaxy S4 or HTC ONE which have newer faster processors. The display is the best overall display ever, it’s got vibrant colors close to an amoled but the brightness of an IPS display for great viewing in direct sunlight, & the sharpness is equally impressive. What’s a better tab in your opinion the IPad mini,and why because it costs twice the price lol.

    • Chris Vander Doelen

      Wife and I each got one in January from Chapters. Both perfect. No issues whatsoever, and I use mine at least two hours a day. I even place phone calls on it using Fongo over the home router. Excellent call quality.


      That’s the old Nexus 7 though I’m talking about the brand new one that just came out a couple weeks ago. Still the old ones not a terrible tab but the new one blows the old one away in every aspect.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Asus is known for GPS issues on some of their tablets. It’s sad to see that path continuing here.
    (They even given Transformer Prime users a free dongle to replace the broken GPS in the tablet.)
    Quality control issues (dead pixels, dust in the screen, etc) were high on the first N7 and again, it’s up there.

  • MXH070

    It’s awesome to see how the fandroids work when an android product is released riddled with faults and poor product testing. The fandroid will fall into denial and state nothing is wrong with the product or attack other products faults to deflect the problem that the android products have.

    Yeah this is pretty much a trollish comment but i’m just pointing out an observation here. I guess let the attacking begin……..

    • Dr. Yes

      It’s true, fandroids now are just as bad as Apple fanbois in 2011 and act even more obnoxiously.

      I can’t wait until 2-3 years from now when the popularity of Android inevitably starts to go the opposite direction and hear the excuses of these fandroids.

      Mobile has a peak life span of 4-5 years; it happened first to Nokia, then Motorola, Palm, BlackBerry and now Apple. It’ll be Android’s turn next.

    • MXH070

      I agree android users are a extremists bunch if it isn’t android they attack as they think there can only be 1 OS. Not sure why a large population of android users troll. It might comes from insecurity or a Narcissistic personality disorder, oh well regardless they are a entertaining bunch of fanatics to watch.

    • pk

      Yeesh – talk about a hate on for someone based on their Mobile OS preference/interest. Who has the insecurity, now?
      Grow up.

    • RussianDroid

      First, my apologies for off topic.

      “I agree android users are a extremists bunch if it isn’t android they attack as they think there can only be 1 OS”

      It’s very sad that you generalize a group of people like that. Although I personally favor Android when it comes to mobile OS, I also admire some features that iOS offers. I had an opportunity to experience Windows Phone 7 OS and have developed apps for it in the past. To this day fellow developers show me cool features/apps on Win8 phones.
      They all have some “Cool” factor to them that might make choosing one OS over another hard, it’s just Android feels right for me plus I enjoy hardware choices offered on this OS.

      I know i’m not unique, because most Android users I know are not “extremists”.

      It’s just sad that some online raging teenagers make you form this opinion of Android fan-base.

  • YankeeJatt

    that is why iphone had signal issue and maps issues

    • Alladin

      I was having signal issues with Iphone 4 on bell network at yorkdale mall close to Timmies. I would have 3-4 bars when not touching it and it would go down to 1-2 bars when holding it during call.
      Imagine when someone already only gets 2-3 bars, they would lose all signal when holding. I was holding it as I hold any phone. 4 fingers on the left and my thumb and palm on the right side. That was a serious issue with a high end premium device which Steve Jobs refused to acknowledge rather blaming the users.

  • wes

    There are issues with high-cost devices too… Just look at the Retinal display on the macbook pros (last year)… There are issues with low and high cost devices.

  • Sensualpoet

    OK, so I’ve only owned mine for a couple of hours but so far so good. It is remarkable how much zippier it feels than the original Nexus 7 (which I love, btw). And it does have a gorgeous screen. The slightly different form factor sits more comfortably in the hand.

  • redheadednomad

    Yeah, Apple showed us all that high-priced devices are infallible #you’reholdingitwrong.

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    Hopefully I won’t experience any of this. I just purchased my 32 GB model directly from the Play Store; by the time I receive it, these issues *should* be fixed, or well on their way to being fixed.

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    “I don’t want to do my hater”

  • aaron

    I do have the famous GPS issue with my N7 2013…Google please fix it…

  • Sean McConnell

    Mine had all of the above. Then I rebooted and it wouldn’t go past the X boot up screen. I was going to take it back, but then I tried a factory reset from the recovery recommended when the original Nexus 7 had initial problems. I lost all my setup, but now things work perfectly.

  • Heytham Ajine

    People should already know that Asus probably has the worst QA of all companies. I have gone through quite a few Asus branded tablets and not one of them didnt have backlight bleeding or tiny stuck pixels. They are horrible and Google should start using LG or Samsung. Even Acer has better QA.

  • kakarot11

    I have serious issues typing and playing games… Often trying to hit a button multiple times from different angles… Worst experience yet….and I’m pro android for the record… My favorite golf game also skips at times 🙁

  • Henry

    I still want to buy one hoping the problems get fixed soon.