BlackBerry Z30 gets sized up to the Z10 and Q5


  • Quantos

    We’ve seen a few pictures of this now, and the gray bottom bar just looks weird to me.

    • Stephen_81

      I agree it looks weird from the front, but from the size view or in hand it looks to be a continuation of the build and looks natural.

      I thought the colour differences on the Z10 looked odd in photo’s but it look great in person.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I want to known the release date for the Z30 in Canada & how much it cost off contract. I hope they do a better job marketing this Z30. I do like that it has 5 rows.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why no removable battery?

    • jroc

      Not sure where you’re getting the info that it has a non-removable battery. I can’t recall a BB that didn’t have one, so I don’t see why they’d start now.

    • JTon

      Q5 doesn’t have a removable battery. And there has been quite a few reports that the Z30 will not have one either. You’ll be able to remove a back panel, but only to access SIM and SD slots. The battery will not be accessible

    • Trevor

      Buy Android. You can change the rows to what you want.

    • Stephen_81

      except then he’d have to use an Android, *gag*

  • Liberal Phone Person

    something about it looks a tad cheap, and i cant quite put my finger on it. Maybe its the plastic-y look, or the thick bezel.

    • Matt Z10

      Its got to have the think bezel, the gesture based system if much easier to use that way. The rest of it may LOOK cheap (i thought the Q10 look terrible) but putting them in your hand swiftly dispatches that feeling. When it comes out find a demo model and I strongly suspect you’ll see what i’m talking about

  • Mayoo

    Why blur the apps? Does the apps maker are too ashamed to see their icons on a BB device?

    • Mayoo

      I’ve not expressed myself well, on second read. I meant, why would they want to blur the apps icon. It can only make free publicity for them and promote the apps. It’s a good thing to show them!

    • MXH070

      They blurred the screen to conceal the phones serial number and there are regional app’s which would give the general area where the leak came from. Also I see they turn off the radio and running both on wifi so they don’t show what carrier they are on.

    • Dimitri

      Everything you said was correct up until the last part. The Z30
      show ” E ” meaning that the Z30 is connected to a carrier. Blackberry 10 phones do NOT show the carrier name unless you pull down the menu bar.

  • Stephen_81

    I want this device, and I want Gameloft to put Asphalt 8 on it doesn’t matter the cost for the app, nor the device really. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the perfect size device for playing racing games, but it wasn’t much useful for anything else to me. This device can replace the Note2, but I want the racing games.

  • jonqstable

    What is the point of a 5″ BB Phone?
    I do not understand what this company hopes to accomplish with these devices…

    I mean the GUI is mostly gesture based, we have already seen that a 4.0-4.7″ screen size works well for being able to navigate with your fingers all over the screen, anything above that requires two hands, or a shifting of the device in your palm to reach areas of the larger screen.

    I would expect that a larger screen would be for media, or perhaps web browsing, however Samsung Phablet, and Sony Phablet, have a pen system to make it easier to use, and actually create a more friendly and functional way of using a large screen.

    This device to me personally seems redundant…

  • Balls O’Steele

    When is the release date? Needs to be released before the N5 in October!

  • Sweet

    The screen looks almost wide enough for a Q5 keyboard, making me wonder if they’re going to make a slider version of the Z30. Maybe that will be the mystery 6th device they’ll release this year.

  • Sam

    I have a Z10 and it`s the perfect size for me, I love it. Will check the Z30 but I don`t think I will be changing my Z10 anytime soon.

  • G-man

    The purpose of a 5″ phone is for people like me who don’t see well

  • Nathan Berry

    The one thing they REALLY need to work on is the camera quality. 8MP is fine however the image quality is terrible. Look what the HTC One can do with 4MP. I know when I compare my Z10 to my wife’s iPhone5 there is no comparison. I defiantly like that glass weave back like the Q10 tho. Has a really nice feel.