Minuum beta for Android set for release “early next week”


  • Michael Licht

    Same, but I didn’t try to throw money at them…Just my screen 🙁

  • Hipster with android

    thats innovation!

  • Zed

    Can’t wait to try this out! The fact that it can be implemented to something like watches, or even Google Glasses to a certain extend is amazing. Though a bit weird to have to shake your hand/head to achieve it 😛

  • Graham Wilson

    I’m eagerly awaiting the beta! I’m glad I got in on the indiegogo.

  • Justin

    I am soo looking forward to it!! Can’t wait!

  • relevant84

    Honestly, I don’t see the appeal. Sure, I get that it’s different, and people seem to be drawn to things that are different, but to me, this seems like actually using it will end up not being as glamorous as it’s being presented. That’s just my opinion, really, and maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but at this point, give me the Z10 keyboard any day of the week.

    • Rem0o

      I don’t see the point on actual phones, but the technology and design behind it is interesting for other applications.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      For me, the appeal is that the keyboard takes up significantly less screen space than a conventional touch keyboard. It’s been so long since most of us have used a QWERTY slider that it’s easy to forget, but the big appeal of those devices is that you are still able to view your ENTIRE screen while typing. On my Nexus 4, the on-screen keyboard takes up almost half of the screen. By comparison, Minuum looks to take up 20% or less.That’s a significant benefit to me, although it remains to be seen if I can maintain my speed and accuracy.

  • todd

    Watch a big corporation swoop in, buy it, patent it, and keep it all to itself, thus delaying, if not completely eliminating innovation…