Gmail for Android update imminent, promises new interface


  • Max Fireman

    Pretty excited for this one. The interface on my ipod touch is even better.

  • MarkLastiwka

    Where in the article at all does it say that the update is “imminent”? I see a “Hopefully it gets released soon” but no mention of it being imminent. If I didn’t know any better, I would say mobilesyrup is trying to link bait…

    • o_zzy

      Well the screenshots do suggest that an update will come sooner rather than later. I think you might be a little to harsh with this comment.

      I for one am glad this article was written, I hadn’t even noticed that gmail wasnt following the holo design.

    • MarkLastiwka

      I’ve seen this written about in a few places. None of them mention that it will be released imminently. Since imminently is a pretty strong word, it suggests that the writer has some additional inside information that other sites don’t have about the release (at least that was the only reason I clicked this one, to see when). The article mentioned nothing about it.

      My concern is that adding the word imminent is a very deliberate action to emphasis that it will happen like in the next week, which is disingenuous. As link bait, it worked, because I would not have clicked the article if it was just about the new interface (since lots of other sites and blogs have covered that already).

    • o_zzy

      I see your point now.

  • FKnm

    Am I the only one who feel that google is copying side-sliding from BB10? )

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      You mean like Facebook?

    • FKnm

      Well, I don’t remember who did it first FB or BB.

    • Mike Chung

      Yes, well the concept has been around since facebook. Called sliding menu.

  • Canadaboy

    Make sure I can access my contacts list!

  • Dimsumfum

    $10 says they’ll be copying the version their iOS team made, well for iOS.

  • pmshah

    I have got an undated interface on my Android 4.1.2 device and am not too happy with it. In the older interface forwarding a mail was a snap but in the new one I can’t find it anywhere ! Why is google making changes for the sake of change? Having to turn on the PC just to forward a single mail is going to be a real pain !