Mophie launches juice pack plus for iPhone 5 with 2100mAh battery

We’ve covered the two existing Mophie battery cases for the iPhone 5, the 1500mAh juice pack helium and the 1700mAh juice pack air, and now the company is releasing another version, the 2100mAh juice pack plus.

Slightly larger and denser than the existing versions, the plus retails for $119.95, $20 more than the air. It’s also available as a PRODUCT (RED) version, which contributes to AIDS-related charity, Global Fund.

This plus version also affixes reinforced corners to the case, which is hugely helpful for clumsy people. If you’ll afford me a minute for a small anecdote: I was using my iPhone 5 inside the juice pack air the other week and the phone was knocked out of my hand only to land on concrete face-down. I picked it up with trepidation, expecting a cracked screen and more than a little damage to the body but found the phone intact and working, with only minor scuffs to the corners of the juice pack. If the plus version protects the iPhone as well as the regular one, this is going to be a great case.

In terms of dimensions, the plus is 2.63in x 5.60in x 0.70in compared to the helium’s 2.49in x 5.49in x 0.59in and the air’s 2.60in x 5.54in x 0.63in, so it’s not a small cover. But it’s still pocketable, and doesn’t come close to the massive size of the HTC One version.

Check out all the information at Mophie. We’ll have a review of the juice pack plus for iPhone 5 in the coming weeks.