White Nexus 4 caught on camera once again


  • the truth bearer

    Hasn’t the Nexus 4 always had lte capability, it was just turned off by Google? I’ve seen plenty of custom roms and techniques on XDA that can utilise lte.

    • Tom

      It’s not optimized and drains battery pretty fast. Also, LTE isn’t that great depending on the area you live in. I live in the Kanata area of Ottawa and my Nexus 4 has at times been faster on HSPA+ than on LTE (one time I got 10M vs 7M in the same day). On Fido btw.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Yes, and many are hoping the 4.3 update to Jelly Bean will bring official LTE support. Custom roms are using the old radio from pre-4.2.2, where LTE was disabled. So it should simply be a matter of flashing and rockin’ LTE, battery life be damned.

  • sicsicpuppy

    Here’s a better idea for I/O , bring out the Nexus X , forget the 4

  • wes

    My gf would be wanting this that’s for sure. I guess I’m going to take over her black Nexus 4. Win Win for both of us!

  • Rob Vaul

    I finally got a Nexus 4, it arrived this morning actually.
    That means it’s only natural that a new LTE model will come out real fast.