Rogers drops HTC One price to $100 on a 3-year for the weekend


  • Ryan

    Just bought the Telus One tonight at Future Shop; same deal, only $100 for the phone on contract!

  • Eduardo

    I went to Rogers and compared it to the S4 this afternoon… I really hope the One does well, much better hardware (battery aside), less expensive and even though I don’t like Sense, Touchwiz and all its gimmicks are much worse. HTC deserves to do well with this phone and I hope they do, we need well built, competitive Android devices.

    • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

      While the build quality is better I found Sense to be more annoying and less functional. Unlike on S4 you dont have any toggle switches in the notification bar, and Power saver notice that will just not go away is really lame. Aside from two speakers and metallic body there is nothing exciting about that device

    • Eduardo

      Well that’s you opinion. And if Sense is an issue for you, there’s plenty of launchers and ROMs to fix that. What do you find so exciting about the S4 besides launching with 4.2 and a few useless gimmicks? (I have an S3 and most of the heavily advertised “features” are off because I personally find them useless, nothing more than marketing and battery drain)

    • Nadefrenzy

      Removable SD card and battery. A more intuitive UI than Sense. Sense is fine, but it’s pretty lacklustre and quite frankly boring and tedious without almost mandatory features such as smartstay (I hated my screen turning off when reading; smartstay prevents that without having to adjust my backlight timer to 10 min).

      I also don’t like how the volume and power button’s locations are switched. Even the charging is placed in a somewhat awkward position. All of that’s rather inconvenient.

      HTC’s camera is also very generic compared to S4’s which takes features from the Galaxy Camera to make it somewhat feature packed at least.

      All those nuances push me towards the S4. The One is still a great phone tho.

    • Stephen

      Sense is garbage, so is HTC’s reliability

    • Zed

      Get yourself a good ROM and have Sense anyway you want 🙂

    • Eduardo


  • Stephen

    Fire sale! Gotta sell these now that no one wants to buy them. The initial super nerds already bought them so sales are going to plummet, the everyman who actually buys phones will be considering the S4 and (shudder) iPhone, maybe a BlackBerry if they’re old. uninformed. Salespeople won’t be recommending the One to customers because they know how many issues there will be. Customers won’t come in asking because anyone who actually knows HTC never has a positive experience.


    • John Doe

      salespeople wont recommend android phones if given the option of an iPhone, iPhones are much less trouble given anyone can work them.

    • Stephen

      if your customer is a 16 year old girl or an 80 year old granny, sure an iPhone is great. Otherwise they’re just being lazy

  • thatcrazyone

    I donno but I hope that update comes soon so my back button starts working right…

    • Stephen

      I wouldn’t hold my breath. You’ll have to wait for the HTC One + in a few months. You’ll get your update a year after that comes out… if you’re lucky and HTC is still afloat. Just root your phone, the nerds on xda are your only hope of any updates given HTC’s track record

    • thatcrazyone

      I already have and the new one has already lost back function once… just Google it… it’s not just me its happening to a lot of the HTC One devices and on all carriers…

  • Rich

    micro sd and removable battery — you would have made a lot more sales on these basic features alone. Would it have turned the tide from S4 dominance? Not at all, but you would have gained more customers than you would have lost.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Tempting, but I think I’ll wait and see how Google IO and the Nokia events shake out. My nexus 4 is still pretty strong, other than the horrendous battery life…

  • Chris

    if you bought this phone on launch day contact rogers and they’ll give you a 50$ credit on account of their 14 day price protection guarantee – I should be seeing mine next bill and with the HTC trade up program that brings the cost of this phone to me to $0.