Instagram 3.5 launches with photo tagging and “Photos of You” section

Photo 2013-05-02 1 33 11 PM Photo 2013-05-02 1 32 43 PMInstagram has launched a new version for iOS and Android, adopting a feature from its Facebook overlords that it says users have been requesting for months.

Version 3.5 now allows users to tag people in photos, using a system much like what you’d find in the Facebook app. One you’re finished taking a photo and adding a filter, there’s a new field under caption called “Add People.” You can identify certain objects, faces or people in the photo and tag existing Instagram users. Unlike on Facebook, the user must have an account — there is no false tagging here.

There’s also a new section of the app called “Photos of You” where, as expected these externally-tagged photos are displayed. It’s another way of making Instagram, traditionally a one-sided experience, a bit more social, and to encourage users who may upload a photo, or a number of photos, to Facebook, to adopt a similar workflow.

Like Facebook’s new Timeline Review section, you can opt to review photos before they’re added to your Photos of Me section, as it is public by default and visible on your profile.

The app also allows quicker access to privacy conditions than in previous builds, now located under your profile.

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Via: Instagram Blog