Samsung Galaxy Note III rumoured to come with a 5.99-inch display, 3GB of RAM


  • Gsizzle

    Umm What happened to going away from Plastic to something Aluminum?

    Nevertheless, not interested in buying a gigantic phone lol

    • Plazmic Flame

      Shaquille O’Neil appovres this device.

  • Rikard Jerner

    i made the mistake and bought a note 2 and everything beneath 5.5 inches now seems completely minimal and useless… note 3 take my money!

    • jonny

      I made the mistake of getting a Nexus 4 and its seems way too small. And I havnt even used a Note 2.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      How do you like the limited storage capacity of your Nexus 4?

  • Lukeiphone

    That is just too big. Might as well just call it a tablet. I struggled with 5.5″ NOTE 2 and I instead got Xperia ZL which is wayyyy practical when you are thinking about a CELL PHONE.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      “That is just too big”

      That what they said about the 4″ Galaxy S, then the S2 with 4.3″, then the Note series going to 5.5. There will always be people saying “too big”, but some companies can just pull it off, and make it work. I never thought I’d get a Note II, but here I am, writing this on my Note II.

  • Guest

    This makes perfect sense for a larger screen. When using the Note with a haptic pen the former versions had no real estate to work in. This ideally just over half the size of the 10.1 field. It’ll work.

    • EvanKrosney

      Just because the screen size spec itself when measured diagonally (6″) is “just over half the size of the 10.1 field”, doesn’t mean that it actually is. For instance, although there’s only a 20% difference between a 50″ and a 60″ TV when measured diagonally, by pure area the 60″ is still 44% larger.

  • dfsdf

    The Galaxy S4 should have had 3GB too.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Samsung is taking a chapter out of Apple’s “how to piss off its customers” book of tricks by this incremental upgrade crapola

  • Rich

    Seems like overkill considering software isn’t really caught up to where hardware is right now.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      But it will, and when it does, the phone will be ready – so ready it may actually last people the entirety of the ridiculous contract length Canadian cellular companies still jam down its customer’s throats (3 years). Not to say the savviest of mobile users even use the same phone for more than 1 year at a time..but for those.. who really dig in and stick it out, using the same phone for 3 years. lol

    • MadBlax

      Yeah we get raped in Canada, and how does data still cost so much? I easily tap on my 6 gig limit on my Note 2 every month, can’t imagine how much more I’ll use with full 1080p lol.

  • Yermumma1

    I bet it’ll come made of cheap garbage plastic and running ghey touch wiz too.

    • urtard

      hurrrr plastic durrrrr

    • Urgay

      Urtard, you’re g*y aren’t you?

    • Plazmic Flame

      Technically, the Note 3 should be a redesign this time around. Fingers crossed!

    • icyhotonmynuts

      With the real estate the phone will be taking up, do you really want to carry around a phone that is made of metal and weighs a pound? No thinks, I’ll take “cheap plastic” (even though it’s not cheap). Thinks about it another way. The plastic is softer, bendier compared to aluminum. It flexes more. I’d rather have a flexible phone that has some give if I have it in my pocket wrong, or get’s dropped..if it’s all stiff and stern the screen has a greater chance of shattering.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Lol Samsung will make a 7″ “phone” eventually and tell us that there’s nothing ridiculous about carrying one and holding it to your ear while on a phone call lol.

    Keep up with the screen size increase Samsung! It’ll never start being ridiculous at any point!! /s

    • TP

      they did make a 7″ phone called Galaxy Tab 1.

    • Hanz Ying

      It’s already happening outside of North America, especially SE Asia, where Samsung completely dominates the landscape. Note 2s are very ‘normal’ there. And there are not a lot of Asian version of the Shaq over there.

    • ChrisPollard77

      Asus Padfone … It’s a Nexus 7 with an earpiece and phone capabilities. (Not exactly the same tablet, but in a nutshell.)

    • Phillyblunz

      Too late, they have a 8″ phone.

      Note 8.0

      If its a tablet why does it make phone calls?

  • Leo

    Samsung usually throws there cutting edge tech into the Note line. I’m hoping we get a flexible display in the Note 3. For some, the Note 2 is too big but that really depends on what your using your device for. I text and browse way more than I talk so the Note line is prefect. Anything smaller than a note seems like a toy and just won’t do.

    As for the build quality, give me a break. Don’t most people not put there phones in a skin or case as soon as they get it because there is nothing more horrible to look at than a busted phone with cracked panels or scratched bodies. Where is the beauty in that? Give a durable, thin, light phone and I’ll do the rest to protect my investment.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      I’m sure this joke has been done to death, but after using the Note 2 for several months I handled a friends iPhone. The first thing I thought was “what is this, a phone for ants?”

  • jonny

    octa processor?!?! thats silly. quad is more than enough. make a much better battery instead!!! and make it waterproof!

    • icyhotonmynuts

      You sound like quote Bill Gates never said that “640K is more memory than anyone will ever need”. I’m sure you said 512mb was more than enough 4 years ago. Don’t think about what memory is useful now, think about what memory intensive tasks you’ll need a year from now, or two years from now (if you even use a phone for that long, I don’t).
      There are “better” batteries, just go on eBay, you’ll find ridiculous 6000mAh batteries that will triple the thickness of your phone.
      Water proof? Do you go swimming with your phone or something? Make it a habit of dropping your phone in the shitter do ya? I have a Ziplock bag in my car for when it’s pouring outside, and using my phone is a must. Works great at water theme parks too.

  • peterlucky

    My Note 2 is big enough, i’ll pass.

  • Shane Fugere

    It needs a better camera n lens. That my only complaint about it.

  • MadBlax