Lowest Samsung Galaxy S4 outright price, so far, goes to Koodo at $625


  • Nadefrenzy

    Great price, but I’d personally never pay more than $600 for any smartphone device regardless of how good it is.

  • john

    Thats a great price…if they let you buy it outright.
    It’s all about the contract.

    • Wrathful

      Koodo has no contracts except for over price iphone

  • Allan

    How much is the outright price at Wind?

    • Mark

      umm… @Allan “No word yet from Wind Mobile, Mobilicity or Fido’s on what their
      outright prices will be… but you can bet they’ll all fiercely compete.” Derp.

  • niranjan

    Mobilicity will beat this price range.

    • hoo dat

      Mobilicity has not even announced they’re carrying it yet. They were late to the Z10 party too, they ended up having to buy from a 3rd party vendor and had to pay upfront limiting their inventory levels. Things aren’t looking too good for Mobilicity and I’d be very surprised if they carry the S4 in any meaningful inventory levels, if at all.

    • hoo dat

      Well that’s new! LOL! Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if stock is extremely limited as it was for the Z10. Expect minimal store availability and low stock in those stores. I don’t say this because I hate Mobilicity, if they had expanded into my home area when they first said they would in 2010 I would have given them a go, but they’re seriously struggling, far more so than WIND and Public, and the signs just don’t look very good.

  • Sam Wiggans

    May switch to them from Virgin, if their promo plans are still available when it is released.

  • Pete McDonnell

    So can it be unlocked and carrier de-branded (if branded in the first place)?

    • Zed

      It’s terribly easy to unlock Samsung phones yourself…just look it up 🙂

    • Pete McDonnell

      Yeah, I just didn’t know if the S4 was similarly easy to unlock.
      Does Koodo typically brand their phones? I’ve been using an international S3 and love the ROM availability. Wondering if the LTE quad-core S4 will have better third party ROM support due to greater distribution of that version of the S4. Hopefully if this version is Koodo branded it can be easily flashed to an unbranded ROM! 🙂

    • Zed

      I unlocked both the Note and Note 2 for my friends. Considering it hasn’t been long since the Note 2 was out, I doubt there is a significant change in software framework in the S4. Worst case, if you like tinkering with your Android phones, you’ll be able to unlock it after rooting it.

      As for your branding question, I can’t answer for sure. Working for a Koodo competitor, I can say that I don’t remember seeing any branded phones coming from competitors in the longest time. Might be just a coincidence though.

  • bobbfg

    Koodo is selling it for $625 because they sell phones outright/with a tab.
    Those who sell phones on contract have the incensitive to inflate the no-contract price so that the cancellation fees be higher.

  • bloodless

    Quick question about LTE on Koodo.

    Why is it that when you look at their phones online, under Phone Specs, it lists the “handsetmode” and “classification” as being HSPA.

    Nowhere is LTE mentioned at all.

    Whereas, if you go to the TELUS site, (yes I realize Koodo=TELUS), they list all the various LTE and HSPA specs for the phone.

    So what gives ? Does the Koodo model actually support LTE, or is it some version of HSPA only ?

    Also, as above, why would the handsetmode and classification be “HSPA” if this phone supported LTE ??

    • Jon P

      Yes, our iPhone 5, BB Z10, SGS3 all support and connect to LTE where available.

  • alphs22

    Moot points for most.

    Most phone users don’t care about removable battery. Everyone charges their phones overnight, so as long as the phone lasts 1 day of normal usage there’s really no need for removable battery. iPhones don’t have removable battery and they have been the best selling phone model every year since 2008.

    No expandable storage is a legitimate concern if the phone has a small storage capacity, like the Nexus 4 and its 8GB and 16GB options. HTC One has 32GB and 64GB options, more than enough for most phone users.

    • EmptyTome

      Some people would like to replace their battery after 2 years, because it doesn’t hold a charge as well as it did before.

  • TP

    Search the build quality on HTC One and you will see ridiculous pictures.

  • barrist

    No it’s a much better phone, unless you like crappy plastic phones.

    Touchwiz just looks sooo terrible.

    • Théo Coutu

      Eye of the beholder. Besides, the Snapdragon version will probably have lots of AOSP support.

  • canada is a monopoly

    625+taxes=screen protector+case sounds like rotten apple in the making. thank god there are other android devices much better and cheaper then this.

  • Jon P

    The build quality is really not bad, yes it’s “plastic” feeling, but it’s solid. Button feel and feedback have improved significantly over the SGS3. But what do you really mean by “build quality?”. Is it the quality of materials used, or quality of manufacturing. If it’s the latter, HTC One doesn’t have the best reputation for that at the moment (dead pixels, gaps between plastic moulding and aluminum body). Go see Erica Griffin’s Facebook/YouTube channel about her AT&T and Developer Edition Models.

    • dfsdf

      What he meant is “look”. He just can’t admit it so he says build quality.

  • Guest

    umm… @Allan “No word yet from Wind Mobile, Mobilicity or Fido’s on what their
    outright prices will be… but you can bet they’ll all fiercely compete.” Derp.

  • KrispyInTO

    Fail troll. The htc one is in no way the better overall phone. The s4 is a no compromise device. Removable battery, user expandable storage,latest version of android, better camera, faster internals(including ddr3 ram, one uses ddr2), newer version of gorilla glass, more sensors, more baked in OS features(which you can disable if you dont like) unlocked bootloader, root does not void warranty ect ect.

    The htc one is a amazing phone but having a aluminum body doesn’t count for all around better phone. If you actually think it is then you should think twice before calling others fanboys.

  • dfsdf

    The design is good (smaller than many 4.3″ phones, large battery, good buttons). The build quality is very good too. What you don’t like is the look. Don’t confuse it with design or build quality.
    The SGS4 has many advantages over the One :
    -It supports all canadian LTE bands (700, 1700, 2600)
    -Its CPU and GPU are faster (higher clock)
    -Thinner and smaller overall.
    -Larger display
    -Larger, removable battery
    -Available on more carriers

  • Théo Coutu

    Eye of the beholder

  • Vybz Kartel

    Koodo is always cheaper because they only have 3G 4g so these phones suck this is why they are cheaper don’t get fooled because u save 50$ the phone model has no lte and Rogers does price matching now I heard

  • Guest

    Will Koodo be getting s white version? Thanks

  • Ujala Liaqat

    Will Koodo be getting a white version? If yes, by when? Thanks

  • disqus_t5ZyPyCcaK

    Do you have the white color?

  • Frank

    Koodo just raised their prices for the S4 to $725. Wth? I’m looking elsewhere now.