Twitter #Music app for iPhone now available, will come to Android soon


  • Dimitri

    It does not matter who has the biggest user base. The developers wanted it on iPhone so they made it for iPhone. I guess they use iPhone’s? I would like this to come to Blackberry 10 as well if possible.

  • Don Martins

    In time their vine app is coming to Android also. I call B. S

  • DB

    cant find the app ??

  • Darryl Friesen

    Who has music deals (especially in Canada), Apple or Google? Honestly, where would Twitter Music send Canadian consumers on an Android device? There are only a handful of small players with limited catalogues. I’m ashamed to admit it, but music that I do find worth paying for I buy from iTunes then sync to my Android phone. Unless Google strikes some huge deals in Canada, there’s no point in Twitter releasing this for Android