Update: Nexus 4 now available at TELUS


  • skullan

    Decent price, decent phone, decent contract length. Hell has truly frozen over?

    • Plazmic Flame

      2 year contracts in Canada? Yup, hell has definitely frozen over!

      All we need now is the better devices available on a 2 year contract.

    • skullan

      Agreed, but the Nexus 4 is a good device.

    • TheShader

      2 year contracts have been around for years, you just get less of a discount. Since this is a devicve that’s half the price of an S4/iP5/etc there’s no need to go for 3yrs to get the price to the cheapskates $99.99 number that makes people think , “Oh, close enough to free”.
      Nothing new there.

    • skullan

      You’re right, they have had 2 years for awhile. However, the unusual point about this is, it’s on a desirable phone with a decent price point coming into the contract.

      This is what the amazement for.

    • ToniCipriani

      Typical Big 3 pricing scenario back then:

      Phone MSRP is $524.99
      – 1 year is 474.99
      – 2 year is 427.99
      – 3 year is 199.99

      No sane person can say that is a “2 year is available” with a straight face. And let’s not forget the big asterisk of “minimum monthly service”, i.e. only daylight robbery plans are eligible for that price..

  • Tom

    Ok, if the usual commentariat doesn’t like this, there truly is no pleasing you people.

    • goalcam

      The fact that you the Nexus 4 goes for $309 or $359 direct from Google Play makes Telus’s MTM price pretty steep.

    • skullan

      It’s a 2 year term with a $99 dollar purchase price.

      If you can get it on their promotional plans, without having to go to an even more overpriced special plan, then there is absolutely no reason not to get it.

      If you want to pay an outright price of $309 or $359, then go get it from Google Play.

      However, if you want to get one for $99 and aren’t going to leave Telus for the 2 year term, you’d be wasting money to buy it from Google Play.

  • Haxor99

    Nice job Telus!

  • sicsicpuppy

    Hope this is the start of a new trend …..$199 / 2 years HTC One , S4 please .Start the ball rolling Telus …

    • Haxor99

      No it is not a start of a new trend. It’s because the N4 is so cheap.

    • spanky

      you mean inexpensive right?

    • iNintendo

      Both, cheap and inexpensive.

  • drabbytux

    I think this will be replacing my out-of-date 1st generation HTC Desire… It ran out of “everything” early last year.

    • Ajanu

      Dude you need to replace that phone. I bought an N4 outright to replace my desire, everything is better. I just replaced Telus with Wind as well, I hope that change is just as good.

    • drabbytux

      My wife is on Wind, it’s good enough… I’ll stick with Telus – they’ve been reliable for me.

    • HtChamsung

      just rob a telus store bro

    • drabbytux

      I don’t think the reception is good in prison.

    • skullan

      Depends on whether or not you enjoy being the receiver. Sorry, prison joke.

    • Cyler

      I will be upgrading my Desire to a Nexus very shortly as well. Running 4.2.2 on my Desire is sllllooooooowwwww. Even with A2SD I still can’t install half the apps I want.

    • Nick Gallant

      I’ll be replacing my Desire soon too, but my contract is up in August, so I’m going to wait. I’m really between the N4 and the HTC One. By then I’m hoping to see what the XDA community has running on the One and that’ll be the decision maker for me.

    • drabbytux

      Ended up getting the HTC One after all was said and done. Couldn’t look past the specs.
      Was dreading Blinkfeed, but I’m actually really enjoying it. Traded in my old desire, and after it was all done (including a promo for $100 for the HTC One), I just paid $25 for a new phone.

  • Jay

    Sweet, I’m glad to see this finally happen. Hopefully other carriers follow.

  • LFB

    Just like Fido 100$ on 2 years, now let see if the montly payment is cheaper…

  • Charles T

    One of the few cases where an Android phone purchased in Canada will still be running a non-obsolete OS version by the time its contract ends. 🙂

  • chillwinston

    I hope everyone realizes this changes nothing in the Canadian Market. We have a bunch of two year contracts already in Canada on different devices all cheap ones. The only reason this finally happened is that Telus was first to get an order fulfilled in Canada. $400 dollar device $200 upfront and 2-years to pay off the remaining two sounds good but only works because the phone is $400.

    Unless Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia wake up one day and decide they want to loose a few hundred dollars per device sold like Google does with this nexus or if somehow the Canadian market explodes and one of the big three can get a massive bulk discount on an outrageously large shipment order to bring down the price. Phones will still cost $699+ and keep going higher aka S4, iPhone.

    Congrats on Telus to be the first to carry the device but you bet the red and blue guys are days away from their announcement, just don’t expect to see any more two year contracts on devices more then $400

    • chillwinston

      Oh and a little footnote if we do see two year contracts expect to pay $299+ for new devices and still have an economic inducement of $400. So be careful what you wish for.

    • TP

      ‘loose a few hundred dollars per device sold like Google does with this nexus’

      any source? or is it just your imagination?

    • chillwinston

      Little bit of both. Cost is around $200-$300 range. Shipping R&D, new relationship with LG, plant costs, stock problems. Ok maybe not lossing a few hundred but they definitely woke up one day and made the decision not to make a few hundred dollars more then they could on each device. But all I’m saying is don’t expect to see the HTC One or iPhone 5S/6 to start going on these types of contracts unless Samsung, HTC, iPhone, decide to not make a extra few hundred dollars off these handsets.

    • TP

      Google’s main source of revenue/profit is advertising and software/content-related products, not hardware, so we can’t just say ‘phone manufacturing cost is this and they sell at that, so their profit is $__’. The same goes to a lot of app developers, where they offer their apps/games free of charge, then convince the user for in-app purchase. We do not say the developer loses money in this case.
      Also, LG confirmed they are not losing money by manufacturing Nexus 4 devices.

    • Lionel Shand

      Actually Videotron in Quebec was the first carrier in Canada to carry the nexus 4

  • Stephen

    Decent phone but not great. Solid price though.

    No LTE? No expandable memory? No thanks. The fact it’s made by LG is the final nail in the coffin for this guy but I can still see the appeal for some supernerds.

    • Cyler

      In Canada, not having LTE on a phone is not nearly as big of a deal as it is elsewhere. Telus has very good DC-HSPA coverage, and from what I hear, this phone has solid speeds with DC.

      I will agree, I wish it had a micro-SD slot.

      As far as LG made, in my year of selling Telus phones, LG made some of the best hardware, it’s their android skins that are TERRIBLE. This sidesteps that issue.

  • Allen Sutedja

    maybe windtab promise pay off will go down to 2 years also?

  • IceCreamGuy

    Good guy TELUS, offers 2 year contracts on quality handsets.