Sony Xperia ZL launches on Mobilicity


  • Julius


  • Todo

    Wind, Mobi – just effin’ merge already, and let’s get this show back on track!

  • bigshynepo

    This phone feels great in the hands. If someone wants a 5″ phone that is feels smaller in the pocket, give this one a shot.

  • Rich

    This phone looks so ugly to me — down vote me because I have a different opinion as you.

    • evosero

      Isn’t that the point of voting? Or should you be upvoted because someone shares the same opinion as you?

  • EvanKrosney

    Solid phone, wish that the Z would’ve made its way to North American carriers, though. Would’ve been nice to have the option of a water resistant device.

    • bigshynepo

      People only want the Z because we don’t have it yet. The ZL is a better phone, no dumb flaps on the ports, much smaller size of phone with the same screen and specs. Plus no glass back to shatter like an iphone.

      I want waterproof too, and for a while I craved the Z over the ZL, but in reality, my phone doesn’t get used much in the rain anyways and if I drop my phone in a toilet, I deserve to break it.

      Trust me, you’ll love the ZL, give it a shot.

  • Jojo

    Phone launch on a Sunday? Strange…

  • EmptyTome

    I don’t know what people like about this phone. I got one and it has the sleep of death. Returning it and doing a pre order on a galaxy SIV.

    • bigshynepo

      You bought it, aside from a software glitch, didn’t you like it enough to buy it once?

    • EmptyTome

      Got it because it looked good on paper. Then when I had the problem, I read countless complaints on many xperia phones with the sleep of death.

    • bigshynepo

      Not denying sony’s previous firmware issues in the least but since it’s only been 2 weeks since the phone hit the market, couldn’t a software fix be incoming? I mean, even the Galaxy S2 (GPS problem) and the iPhone (antennaegate) have their launch problems. I think the ZL represents a quality phone and shows that at least Sony is headed in the right direction with their handsets.

    • EmptyTome

      It’s a case of it happened to many of the phones, and it happening over and over. I could deal with something like a gps problem, and waiting for a fix. Coming back to my phone not turning on, taking off the case and hard reseting it. That’s what I can’t deal with. We know how fast sony is with releasing updates.

    • evosero

      Yeah you posted this on another article already (or are just posting this on all Z related articles).

      You’re one person, who got one and was unlucky. You clearly didn’t really want it, or you’d be willing to accept the odds are you won’t get two in a row.

      But that aside, that has little to do with what people would like about the phone. You obviously purchased it initially for a reason, and those without the same issue would’ve kept the phone for reasons as well.

  • Sweet

    The Mobilicity store by my place just started offering unlocking services starting at $20. They sell unlocked Z10s too, but for an extra $50.

    More on topic, I wonder for how long Sony’s phone business is going to keep losing money before they decide to get out of the business. Same with HTC.

  • bigshynepo

    Re: Sony – Not profitable is a long, long ways from bankrupt.

  • moe

    i dont about you but i would not celebrate mobilicity going under i would rather have my hard earned money spended where it give me more bang for my buck and by the way look it up sony will never go under as it back by government of japan.wind and mobilicty are better choices for us consumer then robbers and behell canada

  • Lukeiphone

    Excellent device, got one. Loving it!