Rogers gives several smartphones their “End of Life” status, including the Samsung Galaxy Note


  • JamesAlbert1

    wonder what happens to these phones after this, they get returned to company or given to local store to sell for less price :/

    • E

      It simply means stock is not renewed at the warehouse so they sell what’s left

    • robinottawa

      With or without support for a “dead” handset?

  • Rich

    They usually offer these EOL phones on 2 year voice contracts — most of which still run amazingly well, especially if you’re friends with XDA

    • silver_arrow

      The local Best Buy has the Lumia 920 on 2 year voice contracts and if they start offering phones like the One X and Xperia T I could see a lot of people with two year voice contracts in the future

  • gnote

    I’m rooted on my i717 with ParanoidKANGdroid JB 4.2.2 – thanks XDA and JamieD81

  • Mo Dabbas

    They’ll probably start sending some to fido…. That’s what rogers seems to be doing lately.

    • Dimitri

      I really hope so because Fido does deserve to carry phones like this even if the specs are old & the phones may be a year old. Still the phones are fine.

  • Dimitri

    You do realize its not Rogers doing this right. No other Canadian carrier which has the Galaxy Note has received that update. Samsung Canada already send it many times they are the ones who is at fault & the update is still in their hands. When Samsung Canada releases the update WHEN & IF they do, most likely all the carriers will release it. I doubt they would just say it will come specially that Telus & Rogers has posted on their sites about it.

  • Dimitri

    Well what is the point of keeping the old flagship phone the HTC One X when they will release the HTC One. I really hoped they would have added it on the Rogers Red Hot Deals & gotten it for a year plan or so.

    • Sweet

      Apple still sells the iPhone4 and 4S, presumably to attract people who can’t afford the 5.

    • Dimitri

      That is Apple we are talking about here. They do whatever they want. They set the prices & tell the carriers when to stop selling the devices. Apple does this because they know more people will buy the 4S instead of the 5 because of the prices & still stay on a 3 year term.

    • Guest

      The S3 isn’t mentioned even though the S4’s coming out.

    • Dimitri

      What are you talking about? It shows it in the picture on the right hand side. S3 32GB. Are you talking about about something else here?

    • David A

      EOL pretty much means “end of life” – that list is saying what phones Rogers is discontinuing.

    • Dimitri

      I know what EOL means.. The fact that ” Guest ” said that the S3 is not mentioned yet it is.

  • kroms

    Well kids what’s the lesson here ?
    1. NEVER buy a phone a rogers plan regardless of WHO provides the Updates.
    2.Always Purchase a STOCK Nexus Device , they way you are ALWAYS on the latest Android version.
    3. If you are still confused start at RULE 1.

    • evosero

      1. So you’ll send me the check for the $500 I’ll no longer have saved? No carriers were providing discounts for buying phones off contract at the time (and none now offer discounts that offset more than half the savings), and I didn’t have $600 lying around anyway to pay for it entirely upfront.

      2. The only advantage to my JB update was that when moving icons, it now automatically moves others out of the way. “Peanut Butter” and Google Now are vastly overrated

      3. If you’re still confused, see answer 1.

  • ChrisPollard77

    The only way to end EOL cycles is to stop making new phones. And since THAT isn’t going to happen … get used to it. Reality is, most of these phones are still really good phones. But if you’re going in to sign a new 3 year contract, do you want to start with a phone that’s already two generations out of date? (Or ABOUT to be two generations out of date at least) I sure wouldn’t. Then again, I don’t sign three year contracts either! Go Nexus!

  • LeafsFanGirl

    They should offer these phones on a one year voice contract. They did that last year with a few phones on EOL.

  • Super_Deluxe

    I haven’t even had my S3 for a year (bought it in October) and it’s already EOL. I hope they still release updates like they did for the S2 or else I’m gonna be pissed.

  • Mehran Shokri

    I want HTC One 🙂

  • sicsicpuppy

    Rogers received my ” end of life ” notice .I switched to a different carrier

  • evosero

    That’s what happens when an alleged flagship model is replaced only a few months later. Sure, the Z was just released this month, but the announcement in January pretty much stomped on the T, and the marketing for the Z has been far more expansive.

    With the T you’d be lucky if you saw it in a carrier flyer at all, but I’ve seen commercials showcasing just the Z and front page exposure in print ads.

  • robinottawa

    Why does anyone still buy a phone on a plan? You pay more, not less. Is there any benefit?