About Yesterday

The past 24-hours were challenging. Late yesterday afternoon we were flagged by Google as potentially having suspicious content on our site. They immediately posted a massive warning to anyone who visited, which is probably the most horrific thing to see online. For this, I sincerely apologize. All we want to do is bring you the latest info about the Canadian mobile scene.

We’ve taken the appropriate steps to clean up any issues and we’re happy to see that Google has given us the green light. Most of the injections were spam links on the forum and within comments. As a result I’v disabled the forum – not many people were going there anyways. I do think a Forum on MobileSyrup is an important place to have a conversation and a new forum will arise shortly (we’ll let you know when it’s live). In addition, we’ve added a some extra measures to the comment system and will also be improving this experience over the next few days.

More updates soon.
(Thank you!)