TELUS Announces HTC One Pricing and Pre-order Information, $650 Outright Price


  • Boswell

    Got my preorder in. Can’t wait!

  • Frank

    issssshhh! 🙁

  • isopaul


  • FTR_Part_deux

    We anxiously await for the review!

  • EvanKrosney

    Remember the original 4GB iPhone sold for $400 on a 2 year on AT&T? Have things ever changed since then, eh?

  • Croak

    Yeah, and then the massive wailing and gnashing of teeth when they dropped the contract price $200. 🙂

    On a side note, I’m about to take a 2-year job contract in Malta starting end of this month, so I may run down to Telus next week and buy a One for $728 out the door and unlock it…because it’s €650 (VAT included) to purchase an unlocked unit in Europe, which works out to almost $900 CAD.

    Then again, maybe I won’t, still happy with my gray 32GB Tegra One X after a year of ownership, longest I’ve kept any phone in the last decade.