TELUS Announces HTC One Pricing and Pre-order Information, $650 Outright Price

TELUS has posted its HTC One pre-order and pricing information and, as expected, it is $149 on a three-year term and $650 outright.

The phone will be released on the 19th of April, and will ship a day earlier, so ordering it online should get it to your doorstep on either Friday the 19th or Monday the 22nd.

While the One still stands to be the best choice for Android phones in the coming weeks (yes, a review is coming very, very soon) the lack of a black variant or 64GB model will be of some concern to Canadians. The $650 outright price is actually lower than we expected, and should be a good choice for anyone who wants a bit of flexibility — a $35 unlock fee will be all that stands between you and carrier portability.

We’d expect other carriers to come in with the same $650 outright price, so stay tuned.