Netflix Updated To Support 720p Displays On Windows Phone 8

Netflix has updated its Windows Phone app to fully support Windows Phone 8. While the new version doesn’t add any true new features, it now takes advantage of the 16:9 aspect ratio found on devices like the HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S. Previously, due to the 5:3 limitation of WP7.5 devices at 800×480, there were black bars on the top and bottom of any incompatible device.

One exception was the Nokia Lumia 920 which at 1280×768 was the same 5:3 (or more commonly, 15:9) as the previous generation.

Netflix for Windows Phone was one of the earliest apps available for the platform back in 2010. Since then it’s maintained largely the same Metro interface, which is looking a bit tired at this point compared to the sleek, browsing-friendly iOS and Android versions. The Windows Phone app is also unable to be used as a remote control, whereas the Android version can control boxes like the PS3.

Netflix has also famously shunned the BlackBerry 10 platform, despite its initial popularity. The app is often used as a benchmark for consumers to test whether a platform is viable in the long-term.

Download Netflix for Windows Phone 8.

Via: Twitter