SkyDrive for iOS 3.0 Brings Full-Resolution Photos, iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Support

Microsoft and Apple must have resolved any lingering issues over subscriptions in the iOS SkyDrive app because version 3.0 is finally available to download. The cloud storage service is now fully iPhone 5 and iPad mini-compatible, and offers full-resolution photo uploads.

It’s also now possible to open files such as PDFs in other compatible apps using iOS’ sharing hooks, something that should help boost the app’s reputation as a productivity suite.

Previously, Microsoft entered into a public spat with Apple over the latter’s 70/30 cut of any app that offers subscriptions. Microsoft felt the cut, which is standard for all developers, was too steep. Apple wouldn’t budge. Turns out Apple won the round since SkyDrive 3.0 does not allow users to purchase subscriptions from within the app, nor does it offer a link to do so from the web. It’s also not possible to sign up for a new SkyDrive account in the app itself, so users will want to sign up for one beforehand.

Download SkyDrive 3.0 for iOS. It is also available on Android and Windows Phone 8.

Via: Windows Blog