Instagram For Android Celebrates Its First Year With Promises Of Improvements


Instagram for Android is celebrating its first birthday today by focusing on a few of its contributing users. The company says that Instagram, which at the time was fresh off its acquisition by Facebook, was downloaded over a million times in the first day, and now makes up just under half of the social network’s user base.

And while specifics weren’t given, the blog post included allusions to upcoming improvements to the app: “We’re working hard to make the app fast and easy to use, and we’re dedicated to always bringing you the best Instagram experience possible.” That “best…experience” hopefully means a UI update and some speed improvements, both of which the app sorely needs. Instagram has been giving far more love to its iOS version in recent months.

While it’s unlikely an announcement will be made tomorrow, Instagram looks set to be pre-installed on the HTC First, Facebook’s upcoming device.

Via: Instagram Blog