Would you buy a 64GB HTC One?


  • Tom Morris

    Sure great device lots and lots of space

  • Clint Dunn

    Hell yeah I would buy the 64GB version. I’m pissed off because all I can get through Rogers is the 32GB version…not happy. IMO the small increase in price is well worth having double the memory…even with dropbox.

  • plumber11

    Both my wife and I find that 32GB is too small for our music collections.
    We have Blackberry Z10s, which are great due the micro SD card slot. I was consideringthe HTC One as a second phone, but TELUS only carries the 32GB version. If they had the 64GB version, I would try it tomorrow.

  • John Dwyer

    Since the HTC One does not come with an expansion slot, I would only buy the 64GB version. If unavailable, I would then have to choose the Samsung Galaxy S4.

    • Kevin

      Well said. It’s just plain stupidity to not offer the 64GB version everywhere knowing your biggest competition offers a micro SD slot IMO. I feel the same way, I’ll have to sadly resort to Galaxy S4 because not having to ever worry about hard drive space is important to me.

    • Vincent

      Honestly though. That’s a total f**k up on HTC and the carriers part. They better do something about the availability of the 64gb version soon cuz its a total deal breaker fro such an amazing phone…

      ~from canada

  • DC

    I was reluctant to get the 32Gb version, but that’s all that I could find with any carrier in Canada, so I just got one today through my AT&T account. Can’t wait for it to get here.

  • Kevin

    YES! I was looking for the 64GB version on the telus website and found myself displeased to know that they wont be carrying it any time soon :(. This is very disappointing..

    • Vincent

      Disappointing indeed. I guess ill.blow $800 on beer and cigarettes instead of a 32gb HTC one cuz that’s exactly what most people will do…sadly I don’t want to touch another Samsung for a while I got the s2hdtle just days before the s3 came out and update roll outs were terrible for this phone. They just stopped caring about the damnded thing so for that suce mes graines

  • Vincent

    I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Its the only thing that’s halting my decision. How can anyone settle for 32 gb when we all there there’s a 64gb model floating about

  • Ream

    Yes I would buy it. I am looking for it in the UK but its only available at Mobicity unlocked for $1,136 which is totally insane… While its only $650 on HTC’s US website. I will wait another month, if it doesn’t come out I’m going to have to settle for the 32GB.

  • Drake

    Dam right I’d buy a 64gb htc one black if possible

  • Marc Dutil

    Same here. I desperatly want to swap my iPhone for an android device, but having to constantly manage space is a pain I wanna get rid of. The HTC one looks great to me, I would definitely move from my actual carrier to get one.