Virgin Mobile exclusively launches the “Mobile SmartStraw”



“The Mobile SmartStraw utilizes the sound from a phone’s microphone to stimulate your taste buds. This technology, referred to as “Tap N’ Taste”, will change the way people use their smartphones and is currently available exclusively to Virgin Mobile Members.

From bacon doughnuts to brunch, you can trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually tasting whatever food you’re seeing – and craving – right from your Virgin Mobile smartphone.

When the Mobile SmartStraw is connected to the microphone port in your Virgin Mobile smartphone while a food pic is up on your screen, the Mobile SmartStraw app scans the image and pulls its flavour profile from a database of more than 500,000 individual tastes and 100,000 dishes from around the world. It then sends digitally compressed sound waves at more than 35,000 Hz (meaning you can’t hear it, but your dog might) in specific patterns that trigger the sensation of taste through sound.”

Virgin states that the “SmartStraw” is now available in their retail stores.

Source: CNW