New Rogers unlock policy now in effect, available after 90 days


Do you have a Rogers-locked phone for 90 days with an account in good standing? You can now officially unlock your device for $50, either over the phone or in-store.

The policy change, which was announced back in February, comes after Rogers began unlocking devices in December 2010. Back then, however, you had to wait until the end of your contract period — three years in most cases — before calling up your carrier and ponying up the dough. Now, you can do so after 90 days.

While it’s still far cheaper to unlock your device from a third-party supplier, many of which can be found by searching Google (we’re not fans of many of them, to be honest) this policy is available to those who want to go the official route. The policy also extends to locked iPhones, which are difficult to unlock without risk to the device’s warranty, so this is another way of moving your phone to another carrier or traveling with a local SIM card.

TELUS and Bell also offer SIM unlocking, though the former is far more generous with its policy. TELUS charges $35 and allows any device, including the iPhone, to be unlocked after 90 days; Bell charges $75 and will only unlock iPhones that are fully owned and paid off (other devices are fine), though it doesn’t appear there is a 90-day limit like the other two companies.

Source: Redboard
Via: Engadget