TELUS Nokia Lumia 620 officially launching February 22nd


  • Boring


  • dc

    If one buys this phone outright, is it still locked to the Telus network? I know Telus offers unlocking services, but that’s only for postpaid phones I believe…

    • Rinedog

      You can unlock a windows phone yourself pretty easily and sites that provide the codes are usually under $20

  • TT

    Is the 250$ outright price for the unlocked Lumia 620 or is it locked?

    Is it possible to buy the phone with no month to month plan commitment as well?

  • kojack

    Telus will unlock after 90 days on their system.

    • dc

      Does that apply to pre-paid phones as well, or only phones on monthly plans?

  • Oldschool

    Definitely checking this out. A phone you can actually hold in one hand comfortably that isn’t a total pos? That’s almost blasphemous these days. This phone has been getting fantastic reviews overseas, and nokias custom apps are killer.

    Kinda sick of my gs3, can’t text on that phone while driving, keep dropping it, this will be a welcome step down.

  • JumpinJack

    Not supposed to text while driving!!

  • AtomJoe

    620 looks like sh*t, though. Quite possibly the “boxiest” phone in a while. Ugly.

    • AtomJoe

      Bah! I am an i***t. Please thumb down. Thank you.

  • jlm1991

    Woot now a DECENT phone on Koodo

  • wp8

    Hope it Will be better than 8s That always pop ‘how to free memory’ with standard utilisation…. Not enough

  • glonq

    Decent phone, bad price. Especially when better phones (SGS2X) cost the same or less.

  • Braumin

    Pretty sure I’ve talked myself into this phone as a phone to tide me over. I’m pretty sick of my LG Optimus 7.

  • Elronir

    Good phone with a nice price tag, but I really wish Nokia/Microsoft would release the 820 in Canada or the 920 to the other carriers. I need to get a new phone in march and I really want to give Windows phone 8 a try, after 3 years on Android.

  • pedenske

    @Braumin I am in exactly the same boat as you. The only thing that will keep me on my optimus 7 is if something good comes from MWC that will be on Telus is a couple months at most, and even at that price is tempting just to go for it.

    • Braumin

      I am 100% in agreement pedenske. But I’m not too hopeful about Nokia launching something that quickly knowing their record. I will likely wait and see what they have coming though. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will even announce carriers.