TELUS launches the “Network Experience” app, gives users the ability to report network issues


  • jimmy

    wow Telus leading the way again!!

    take notes Rogers!!

  • Christian

    Just need Bell to launch his app … but i’m sure they will launch it in the next few day’s!

    • adam h

      Not really a big deal since Telus has it now. Bell and Telus share every single one of each others’ network towers with one another. If it’s reported to Telus, Bell will know about it as well.

  • Deli

    very good idea!

  • K_Owl

    Wow! so many times I wanted to report weak connections and drop calls on the Rogers/Fido network… and I live in Montreal!

  • Threecube

    Well that’s pretty smart idea. Good job Telus. Hopefully this leads to better reception at my house in the future.

  • Jason_E

    How do you report network failure on the app if the network is down or having issues? Seems kind of pointless does it not?

    • HiKsFiles

      I had the same thought upon reading this article : what’s the point of creating an app that uses the network to notify of network failures ?! lol

    • sraf

      Likely the App can cache the error report so it can send it off when it once again has network access

    • Porilaisten

      I’m guessing you could use wi-fi if it’s available.

    • Tom

      If the issue is a dead data network, then Yes, the app is pointless, but there are many other issues.

      Also, if you report a network problem, the report could be cached and sent when your network is working again (or when you get on wifi).

      I applaud them using whatever means possible to communicate about (and get info on) network problems.

      Rogers apps, for comparison, are designed largely just to steal your contact list. This app doesn’t request that permission.

    • jack

      you can see jason and hiks are pretty simple minded people

    • Matt

      Ususally dropped calls and network performance are very localized so if you drop the call and report it its pretty easy to correlate that with the cell tower and then drive test to determine the exact dead zone. so reporting can actually work if they use that information to address real client performance issues.

  • X87

    You should call in for data issues.

    Like the article says “This gives users the ability to report network issues such as dropped calls, failed call attempts, no service, poor voice quality or slow data speeds directly from their device.”

    Call in for other data problems, the rest (voice issues) can be sent through this app.

    This makes a lot of sense for Telus to do. Instead of getting calls complaining about an occasional dropped call, they can now have users send in these reports and it frees up there call center so that they can take more serious calls.

    Good stuff!

  • Dalex

    This is an excellent app! Kudos to Telus. I’m having slow data issues in my building at work and hopefully this will help fix the issue.

  • joe public

    Great idea…… hope bell does the same

  • keller

    The iPhone download link points to BlackBerry World. Please update your link. Thanks.

  • Porilaisten

    Hmm…in 5 minutes his battery went down 5%


    • Porilaisten

      or 1% rather

      I fail at comprehension and reading.

  • Zaria DiLaurentis

    This would be great for app Public Mobile, Wind Mobile and Mobilicity to have as they all have network issues. Places where they claim to have a signal are often not that great or non-existant.

  • Eluder

    Great job Telus; as others have said, this is the sort of thing you would have expected from Rogers first.

  • KL

    I’m going to play the ‘hater’ role for a minute.

    I find it a little insulting that they’re asking its customers to finds its bugs amd poor signal areas. We’re paying enough and they want us to be their testers? I’m certain they know very well with their monitoring tools where service is good or bad.

    Just my .02$.

  • cayaguy

    You can Geotag your location in the app to mark the *area* you’re having service issues with for a later time if you have dead zone or no data connectivity ect. If you don’t know the location you were in where it happened then you need more help then this app can do…lol..

  • Mark

    Actually a good concept, but it comes with far reaching requests, bizarrely intrusive permissions, and several pages of small text legal print that you have to agree to just to open the damn thing. I’ll pass at being their free crowd-sourced QA if that is the cost to me.

    • Nathen

      Exactly ! problem is how many people do you think READ that fine print ?
      This is not only Intrusive but really a dumb idea.

  • Rick

    Love TELUS!

  • Nathen

    So now they want CONSUMERS to be there on the field puppets and send it reports when there is an issue ?
    L M A O. Not only do they SCREW you for 3 yrs on contract but NOW they want you to INSTALL there APP on your phone so you can send them your data ? L M A O
    Only mindless people would go through with this. How about Telus HIRE people ( create Jobs) to go out field and do there own testing? How’s that sound ?
    This is plain stupid.

    • Porilaisten

      Because this app also measures demand – they can’t go out and “test” every square inch of Canada.

  • Mike

    Wind mobile had this since launch 3 yrs ago !

  • shaboobla

    Do they credit the data I use to send them these reports? Do I get a bill credit for beta testing for them?

  • nekkidtruth

    Anyone else find it extremely hilarious that any carrier would feel the need to even have an app like this? Seems to me your service is pretty crappy if there are so many issues that an app like this is justified. I already steer clear of Telus because their signal is a joke around here, but this just makes me laugh.

  • Hemorroid

    It’s a fab idea, as someone who has worked in tech support, reporting this was a hassle. Creating tickets, determining location, etc This is alot easier and they can take other calls.

  • sElf.Xd

    Where’s the WP8 <3