Nvidia unveils the Tegra 4i SoC with an integrated LTE baseband, aimed at mid-range market


  • Brad F(anboy)

    60-core GPU? Does that mean Android’s UI won’t lag any more?

  • coop3422

    Android hasn’t lagged for about 2 years if you get a dual core 1GB ram device. I have an s2 i9100 that is nearing 2 years old, the thing is smooth and doesn’t lag. Silly fangirl

    • Rio

      I have seen slight instances of Lag on the S3, its not the hardware at fault. To most users it wont matter but I like my stuff to be seamless 😛

  • coop3422

    Hence why I ordered an N4 :p

  • rockman

    I don’t think S3 even uses Tegra? Lol.

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)