Chameleon Launcher beta for phones and smaller tablets gets previewed on Nexus 4 and 7 (video)


  • Jodie

    Android is ghey, end of story. Ok fan boys?

    • Apple Sales Guy

      I agree!

    • FANBOY

      At least WE have the option to customize our phones, and aren’t stuck with the same looking OS for the past 5 years. No customization, no gorilla glass, no expandable memory + locked down crappy os = iFail.

  • Nice work

    And you’re a biggot. Okay a**munch?

  • Dalex

    I’ve always been intrigued by this launcher, but gave my Transformer away, so I didn’t have a 10 inch tablet to try it on. It’s looking quite nice.

  • Maxime

    “the current version is only officially available to 10-inch slates” Really ? I always used it on my nexus 7. But the new version looks amazing.

  • Gsizzle

    Honestly with launchers like these who the f!ck needs a iPhone or WP8?

    Long Live Android & BB10!

  • SC

    Jodie, at least we’re not stuck on the app drawer

  • pcasmiro

    I like the concept. Ive just been switching the launchers I use between work and home

  • JC

    Tried the tablet version; was disappointed. The UI looks good but the functionality is horrible. You can’t even make use of existing widgets that apps already have. There are only about 10 widgets built in (Facebook, Twitter, switches, Gmail etc.).

    The price tag definitely doesn’t help its case. Many people spent $10 on the kickstarter because they promised many widgets but they never followed through on them. I am all for supporting the developers but this one has been given a lot of goodwill and have given a weak product in return as well as broken promises.

    There are a lot of good launchers already out there that are free (Nova, Apex..).