Sony details Xperia T Jelly Bean rollout, expected to begin shortly


  • deltatux

    “S0ny has detailed…” seriously? You guys wrote it as S0ny? Did no one bother proofreading there? lol

    • Mike

      If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, you shouldn’t be surprised by this.

    • Bobby

      James Bond should be pleased about this update.

    • Sean

      Everyone makes mistakes and when it’s your own work sometimes you don’t notice it

    • REDRUM

      Careful don’t correct them too much otherwise they’ll delete your comments

  • Scotty

    There are people using the T?

    • ActivesiN

      yeah, James bond lol

  • Kid.Canada

    All 3 users of this phone should be excited lol

  • seroevo

    It’s a great phone. Anyone against it is probably just a Samsung fan boy.

    – It looks great, and in black (no “pebble blue” or white only arbitrary restrictions).
    – The Sony OS tweaks are nice and make it all less child-like than stock Android.
    – It’s a more reasonable 4.6″ instead of 5+.
    – Has preferred on-screen nav buttons like Nexus models. (No physical home button.)
    – The phone itself feels great in the hand, with the wake/screen ad volume buttons are in a much more accessible place (side, lower) compared to most phones.

    I could go on, but it’s great to keep seeing Android users bash everything but Nexus or Samsung. Apparently Android is only good on 2-3 different phones? Who’s really the sheep?

  • Eduardo

    I have to admit I like the look and feel of this phone, but I don’t like the Sony OS tweaks that you mention (Fixable with Nova or any other launcher). Being thicker, at 4.6″ it feels bigger than the S3 at 4.8″ but that’s just my opinion. It is a nice phone, but Sony’s update track record was a dealbreaker for me.

  • Tom

    According to XDA Sony goes out of its way to cooperate with the community and live up to all of its source code obligations. They are very much gushing with praise for Sony these days.

    That means top notch support for Sony devices, e.g. if you decide to install CM once Sony stops pushing updates.

    I have a Nexus now, but would seriously consider a Sony next.

  • Gman

    if you go by phone release date to update, I think Sony is faster than all other companies beside nexus lol. 4.2 is not even much of an update consider most of its features were on xperia phones for a while.

  • Dalex

    Sony has always intrigued me with their designs and I’m really glad that they are helping a lot with Android code. The only issue I have is with their small batteries.

  • Nathen

    NEXUS people NEXUS.

  • UM..

    Hey Nathen
    Why Nexus? You’re on MOBILE SYRUP, a Canadian site in case you forgot. Tell me, which carrier exactly is the one who is giving you a discount on your monthly plan for buying the Nexus 4 for $415 after tax and shipping? Oh that’s right. NONE. I’ll buy the new Sony Xperia ZL in a few weeks from now for a little over $100, and root it and install the latest Android version myself.