Carbon for Twitter arrives on Android after delay


  • Vince

    Even BB10 came out before this… better have been worth the wait

    • shawn

      Oh sweet please direct me to where i can pick up a bb10 device.

  • DG

    No tablet support.

  • Jim

    Nice LG Optimus G!! Must be a great phone if the Mobile Syrup guys are using it…

  • Marcus

    Why does everyone give new third-party twitter apps slack for no push notifications when it is clearly Twitter at fault? Has everyone forgotten their API changes?

  • Brad F

    why do i want my twitter to look like a star wars intro?

  • Alex

    Awful. Installed and uninstalled immediately. Black background makes reading harder. And I don’t care for the “fancy” transition.

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      Agree completely. This app is so bad, I have no idea why it took so long to come out. It is hard locked to update every 15 mins… Bye bye battery life.

      Installed looked at my timeline…. Uninstalled.

  • Comment Master

    now control talking about your BB10 s**t..we know its out and its a good phone…so no need to explain you valuable feeling on that device

  • Kman

    What is that phone in picture? Looks nice. Is it Optimus G?

  • Jim Balsillie

    Is it just me, or is there next to NO settings available to customize? All I see is the option on whether to get notifications for replies & DMs.

  • Zeeb

    The app does the job with multiple account and lists support. Lacking in some features, no customization available to change colours or font sizes but overall it’s fast and fairly simple to use.

  • Jim Balsillie

    Deleted it already. Pretty horrible showing for a product that was delayed for so long, yet it shows so little.

  • Thas

    Kind disappointing after all the hype and delays. The app is beautiful and loads new tweets faster than any app I’ve used before, but I’m hitting rate limits within 10 minutes of using the app and I haven’t even tweeted with it yet. That might be more twitter’s fault so I’ll let that slide. I just recently purchased Falcon Pro which does virtually everything imaginable and it has a very friendly dev that doesn’t lead people on like Carbon’s dev.

  • DeeZee

    Falcon Pro all the way! Great support and updates from developer. Carbon is not even close.