RIM adjusts minimum pricing for BlackBerry World apps


  • screamer

    The price of the phone is important

    • Dimitri.K

      You do realize all High end / Flagship phones are $500+ right?. Note 1 was $799, S3 is $549, Iphone ranges from $600 to $900.

      If you are going to compare the Nexus line price which is $350, then you get a middle class or low end phone for that price. Not saying the Nexus is low end, but I was never a flagship phone.

    • Sneeze Boy

      Awesome RIM, can’t wait for Jan 30.

      The phone looks wicked in that picture.

    • Raptor

      Totally agreed with Dimitri K. Everybody, do not expect it for $350. It’s like you’re expecting BMW for the price of Toyota. It just cannot happen, plain and simple!

    • Sgt.Romanov

      There is no reason to be paying $600 -$700 for a phone there is a huge mark up but people are still dumb enough to pay through the nose for a phone when we already know that you can get a great phone for $370 e.g. Nexus 4 , If these are Flagship phones and thats your reason for paying $600-$700 then why does the same phones 2 months down the road go for half the price ?? Its the mark up these phones are not worth $600 – $700

    • sp

      @Sgt Romanov – ask yourself the same question about other phones like the iPhone line, Galaxy line and Lumias.

      All phones arent worth 500-800 but we still buy them because its what we want to do.

      like i said to you before, if YOU do not want to buy a BB10, then dont. the rest of us who are excited for BB10 to be released…we probably just might drop the cash for one because its what WE want to do.

      Nexus 4 arguments here do not apply and cannot be used as an argument.

  • Nothin But RIM

    Even the Nexus 4 isn’t $350 from the carriers so that argument goes right out the window anyways.

  • ksp

    There is no reason in the world phones need to be 700$…they are that because the market bares it for some of the high end phones. You have non cellular tablets running at $300 … a radio doesn’t cost $400 bucks.

    • T

      It doesn’t, but the profit and R&D cost recovery does.

  • Mark

    Just a note — the phone in the picture is just the Dev Alpha. The real BB10 hardware will look a lot better.

  • MER1978

    As much as I like all of the free apps on the Android app store… as a developer I wonder if that model really makes sense. Though if they were going to do that I would make the return period longer like a half hour.

  • xenrobia

    Personally, I blame the carriers. I believe they, the carriers, over inflate the outright purchase price on devices to make their three year contracts appealing to consumers. I mean, look at the discount they offer for one and two year contracts as compared to a three year contract – it makes no sense other than to suck people into some ridicules three year term. I’d bet the outright purchase price is more then double the cost to the carriers. Which is way too much for just being a middle man.

    • xenrobia

      this post was supposed to be in response to the comment of @ksp.


      You know too much….

  • Max

    There will be other phones with less price like the curve and the bold

  • Dalex

    I think the price will be around 600$ off contract, which is about right for a high end flagship device. Yes, phones shouldn’t cost as much, but the Nexus 4 was never going to change that, just because it sold for 350$ on the Play Store. It was never marketed correctly or available for purchase for more than a few mins anyway. It’s not that great of a phone either with a dumb glass construction, no LTE, no removable battery with putrid battery life, no expandable storage with putrid storage..

    This Z10 won’t have all the apps of the Play Store, but the OS will be a lot more fluid than Android (and I love Android), it will have both expandable storage and removable battery, LTE, solid construction, and will come in a perfect size of 4.2 inches.

    • 2dfx

      The phone will be $649 outright and cost $149 on a new activation/hardware upgrade.

    • Apoc

      I second that comment… also received that confirmation.

  • RIM fan but not impressed

    With all this talk about Apps

    Could Blackberry users just receive a native: Gmail / Yahoo Mail / Netflix / Skype / etc…commonly used Apps like Craigslist / Kijiji

    Just so I don’t have to open my browser? My Playbook is nearly 2 yrs old and still no Netflix or Skype, or even Gmail.

    If those companies don’t want to spend money to develop then RIM should use their own staff and pay the license. Customers have bee asking for these Apps since Day 01

    We’re willing to Pay for It. That’s how devoted we are since they’re free Apps on competing platforms.

    • Sweet

      Doesn’t your Playbook have a universal e-mail client ? The latest ones do.

    • sp

      course it does. he just hasnt bothered setting it up.

      mine is running it.

  • Spanish Prince from Toronto

    I would be happy if the Z10 cost $600.

  • Dimitri.K

    So you can not wait the workers to lose their jobs and not pay their bills and such? I guess your family raised you to be a troll but you failed in that and in life. Grow up kid.

  • Dalex

    Seriously, not only for the people working at RIM, which is a Canadian company btw that affects our economy, but also as a competitor in the marketplace. You trolls that aren’t actually paid shill astroturfers (at least they are making money) are really sad. As consumers, more competition means better choice and less expensive handsets as well as innovation from companies trying to outdo one another. The stupidity on the internet never ceases to astound me.

  • xenrobia

    @Dalex: “The stupidity on the internet never ceases to astound me.”
    Amen to that brother.

  • Cell Hell

    Very nice.

    In 4 or 5 months I’ll buy a new phone. If Balckberry can supply me with a device with considerably better battery life than my Galaxy Nexus it’ll be a contender.

    Though again, price matters. If the new Motorola X phones have great battery life and a nice non-contract price I could look in that direction.

    I do know I will never again pay $600 for a phone that’s technologically obsolete within 4 months.

  • Sgt. Slsughter

    Is this BB10?

  • Apoc

    Dont know if it’s been announced anywhere, but on another ‘similar’ note, my Bell rep tells me the outright purchase price for a BB10 in black with LTE will be $649!