4.99-inch 1080p display with 440 PPI spotted on Samsung’s roadmap (possibly for the Galaxy S IV)


  • bilzkh

    I like how PPI has suddenly become a popular measurement to boast, I don’t recall this being so common before the Lumia 920 was announced its 330-something PPI.

    • jrfox87

      you can blame Apple, they started it with the iPhone 4.
      Personally, I’m not that interested in a 1080p phone. I don’t think the difference from 720p to 1080p on a phone is worth the extra battery drain.

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Eh?

      Hey. Everyone. Here’s a thought. Maybe they’re going to increase screen size, without increasing the phone size, by decreasing the bezel size and removing the buttons at the bottom.
      Even if it makes the phone bigger, and you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean nobody will like it. If it’s not for you, don’t buy it. Someone else will like it.
      And just because a device has higher specs than what you need *right now*, doesn’t make it a bad device. It just means it’s over-kill for YOU. Someone else will like it, and buy it. And the advancement of technology will still benefit you by bringing the price down on the lower specced devices. AND later, when you do need the higher specs because your usage changes (better games/apps or what ever, or you can use a higher Megapixel camera, because you have 4K UHDTVs etc, etc) the technology will be there.

  • AWSguy

    The question is, can your eyes tell the difference, or will your phones battery tell the difference?

  • sp

    sigh….i think Samsung has lost me…. 4.99″ … thats just too much…

    • richard a

      I totally agree with you. I could handle 4.85 inches, but 5 is too much for me… and I have pretty big hands

  • EvanK

    Can we please just call this 5″? 4.99 just seems like an unnecessary phrase.

    • chris2

      They’re probably using 4.99″ so they can claim higher PPI. (Most other companies will be releasing a 5″ 1080p phone this year).

  • Henry

    I agree with the max size thing, I currently have an s3 but I have no interest in a yet bigger screen

  • Keith

    I’ve always been a fan of big screen devices but I draw the line at 4.7″

  • 2strong

    the real question is, what will the note 3 bring?

  • jonny

    there is so much wasted space on many phones. if you have the screen be edge to edge, you could get a bigger screen without making the device bigger. The Nexus 4 has WAY too much wasted space at the top and bottom. 1.5cm wasted top and bottom.

  • Jim Balsilli

    I’m not a fan of touchwiz, hopefully the next nexus will boast similar specs running stock key line pie… Yummy.

  • chris

    I hope they take cues from Sony’s ZL, as little bezzle as possible please.

  • William

    Too big as a cellphone! But not large enough as a tablet to surf! Complete rubbish! Samsung goes into dead end!

  • Piff

    Sorry Samsung I will skip out on you again. 5 inch screen for a phone is way too big. I can barely stand a 4.7 inch screen.

    • Gill

      every single top smart phone will have a 5″ screen. For me its perfect! Might get note 3 though.

  • Miknitro

    I’ve grown quite used to my 4.7 screen and a 5.0 will be nothing to move up to unless the bezel is enormously larger.

    I do feel for the folks wanting to hang on the 4.3 screens but can not condone one handed use as this usually implies doing something that should have your attention more so then a reach with your other hand can provide for better viewing pleasure.

    Thought control is only answer to that.

  • Miknitro

    Scratch that about thought control,

    There’s enough laggy and poorly coded folks out there as is.

  • Jerry

    The galaxy S3 and the Nexus are the exact same size and the Galaxy Nexus has a 4.6 inch screen and the Galaxy 4.8 inch. So if they make the bezel small enough the 5 inch screen won’t seem that big. Even some of the 4.5 inch phones from 2011 are roughly the same size with the large bezel. Get rid of the bottom button and make the screen 5 inches and the bezel as thin as possible. I have an old blackberry 7290 with a 2.5 inch screen with the clicker on the side that my kid plays with and its twice the size of my GS3. LOL.

  • Henry

    Why so many thumbs down for people that don’t want the screen bigger? If the 4.8 on my s3 wasn’t big enough I would have bought a Note II instead! If the s4 is bigger then maybe I’ll buy a s4 mini(not) or some other flagship phone, hopefully under 4.8.

  • Mike Neufeld

    Then who makes the HTC Droid DNA display?

  • Jack

    There comes a point where specs for the ‘sake of specs’ becomes too much.

    Can the human eye even detect the difference between – say 440 PPI, 330 PPI, 300 PPI etc?

    • Eh?


    • Jack

      Sorry, Eh?, but I call complete BS on that.

      I bet if you took a hundred people and asked them, “which has the better screen” and didn’t tell them that screen A was 330 PPI and screen B was 440 PPI, there would be no statistical difference in terms of the response.

      This is a spec one-upmanship for the sake of spec one-upmanship. Plain and simple.

    • Eh

      Just because most people don’t see, can’t tell the difference, doesn’t mean nobody can. Doesn’t make it a bad product.
      Put on reading glasses and you can see pixels on 300ppi. If you have a lot of bright red, you can see pixels on 300ppi.
      Basically, everyone needs to stop believing everything Apple tells you. It’s obvious that they’re marketing to people who don’t know anything about tech.

    • Eh

      P.S. They actually did that exact experiment when the “retina” iPad 3 came out. Most people couldn’t tell the difference at first glance.
      But give them the retina one to use for a month and then switch it with a non-retina one and they’ll notice the difference.
      P.P.S. The 720p screen on the SGS3 is pentile matrix, so you can definitely see pixelation just with the naked eye. This spec bump will make a difference.

  • Cyrano

    i need a ruler to measure the 0.01 inch

  • screamer

    My S3 has the perfect size but count the flexible screen as screen size when It is curve around the edges?

  • Dave

    Bring It On Samsung!

  • gogar

    Fhd= Fu@@ing HD

  • Gene

    These spec wars are so stupid. The human eye can generally not differentiate detail beyond 300 PPI. And we don’t need a 13mp camera in a phone. Keep it at 8, increase the sensor size and work on improving low light conditions.

    • Eh?

      If you don’t need something then don’t buy it. Some people actually do want it. It’s just the advancement of technology. These things being released — it brings the price down on the lower specced devices. Buy those instead. It’s a win-win situation.

    • Rio

      You totally missed the point there buddy.

      Increasing the specs isnt going to make the phone better, changing certain aspects of it that are not advertisable will make a better phone. Do you want a better phone or a bigger d*ck?

    • Eh?

      I understood the point. They can do all of that (better sensors. etc) and also give a higher resolution on the camera. Just because some-guy-on-the-internet doesn’t think 13MP is necessary, doesn’t mean nobody will.
      It’s not the number on the spec sheet that makes it better — it’s the practical benefits of that spec increasing which makes it better.

    • Gene

      Please explain to me what the practical benefits of such a high ppi is if your eyes can’t tell the difference? And 13MP really?? what exactly is the real world benefit? Printing posters of pics you’ve taken with a cell phone cam? Because my 6MP Nikon D40 takes better pics than any cell phone.

    • Eh

      I can see pixels on 300ppi. Put it on red — pixels. If you use reading glasses — pixels.
      Having the screen native 1080p, you don’t waste processor cycles downscaling the video to fit the lower res.
      Not everyone has a great dedicated camera that they always carry with them everywhere. When you have more pixels, you can crop small segments of a pic without losing detail.
      Your 6MP cam may be great, but you would be using a 1MP one, if it wasn’t for the “spec war”.

  • andy c

    as long as the phone size does not get any bigger a slightly larger screen should be fine. my Nexus 4 with diztronic tpu case is at the threshold of comfort in my front jeans pocket.

  • Donald

    The Galaxy S2 was the best phone size. It is bigger than the 4″ S1 but just as usable. The S3 is pushing it. If the S4 is that big this is just getting rediculous.

    I’m looking forward to the BB10 phone. It’s looking like RIM is showing some restraint (AKA, using the S2 screen size).

  • Brian

    will this be the samsung qnx bb 10?

  • Raid

    And yet, most laptops today with 15″ screens still only boast 720p resolution. 🙁

  • Samuel

    Let’s mot forget that the Note 2 is at 5.5 or something. Plus for those of us that watch the Samsung keynote over the weekend the S4 might very well use that new OLED felxible screen. And since OlED generates its on light drain on batter will be reduced somewhat. I just hope they can either bring pricing down or keep it at the same level while still innovatiing and improving on previous versions.

  • Gab

    This is why I think everyone is over hyping the Sony device… every year everyone says Sony is one step behind… well they are going to be if this thing has octo core.

  • Rhett

    Pefect timing as they release the update for my Galaxy 2 😛