Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 users reporting another OS update has arrived, brings “quality improvements for language”


  • Th3Grub

    Just got my update… Using english on my phone so I guess I will no see much difference.

    • The Real Twosee

      Poor butthurt Fandroids…
      Even Windows is putting them to shame.
      RIP Android 😀 😀

    • ripper


  • Andy

    Pretty impressive for Nokia. Already two updates.

    • Senor Chang

      When is notification centre coming?

    • Senor Chang

      Impresive? LMAO, is it also impressive that they are still holding out on Windows 7.8?

      Get a clue, jungle. Impressive hahaha.

  • Len

    Well that explains alot… I got the update last night… good to know whats up with it

  • BeaverJuicer

    I got this update back in December, 2 days after I installed Portico…

  • StanLee

    Still waiting on the Portico update for my HTC 8x on Bell… with no clue when/if we’ll ever get it. I’m NEVER going with Bell again. Absolutely no support for the devices they sell.

  • o2qc418

    This is possible to block “RIP RIM!!!!! … Every comment is trolled … no constructive comment !

    • Jerod

      Obviously Mobile Syrup doesn’t care.
      They have always had an Adroid bias on this site, so a little bit of RIM bashing is alright with them. It’s a shame really, that a Canadian site would promote blatant trolling against a company that employs so many Canadians.

    • Piff

      This is a democracy with freedom of speach. If you don’t like it move to China or North Korea. RIM get bashed today its ok, you’ll still live.

  • Carl

    My Ativ S came with that version and we are waiting for portico on my girlfriend 8X 🙂

    • StanLee

      The girlfriend’s 8x must be with Bell?

  • jlm

    Where is the yellow 920 🙁

  • cayote

    Why is this freaking Rogers offering only black color? Where is my yelllow?

  • aregularonhofo

    Just a quick update: me and my boyfriend Steve still like licking our lollipops every chance we get. Our undying love for each other knows no bounds!

    Oh Steve, please enter me gently! I am forever yours!

    P.S. Mobilicity sucks! Wind is #1!

  • Piff

    This is why I Windows Phone period. The timely updates and every device gets. I am waiting to see how the platform develops. If MS does indeed buy Nokia look out.