Watch Samsung’s keynote introducing the Exynos 5 Octa and flexible OLED prototype device (video)



    Wow Exynos 5 and flexible screen. Their keynote was concise as well, despite the broken english.

    • REDRUM.

      Poor butt hurt fandroids. Is this all they have to look forward too?
      RIM Android 😀

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      For a Korean speaker, his english is excellent and very understandable. If the only thing you want to comment about is how a person speaks English as a second language, then you are a moron like many of you in the US and Canada

  • curtis

    Look where the man is standing!! and you’re here worried bout his broken English?? Samsung is the future.. wow! Can’t wait for the new wave of flagship devices from Samsung. #galaxys4.
    Very impressive keynote.

  • EvanK

    LOL, Exynos 5 Octa, YOUM flexible displays, and now just for $#!%s and giggles, Bill Clinton!

  • Vengefulspirit99

    my god Samsung… paving the way to next gen phones. They are at least a few years ahead of the competition.

  • Broken fool…..

    @ Redrum Broken English,,,,,lol are you kidding me,,,,his social status is way above yours and mine so I wouldn’t even mention about his English,,,,,,English is an international language now however that doesnt mean we all have to be fluent in English….

  • screamer

    They all way ahead of the game. But they wait and wait.. little by little but this phone is mine for sure!!! Where can I order it and we will see it nect year galacy note 3!!!

  • uhm

    Plastic – gorilla glass – shattered glass + scratches = Flexible Display. But flexible display + screen protector = indestructibility…wtf i just got my nexus 4.

    • Rio

      Flexible screens are still very far away, trust me. They show these just because it looks cool. There is no way for them to implement it anytime soon.

  • hellohello

    at 47:30min, she said “wow.” is it because he is black!! lol

  • Rio

    People make fun of apples habit of calling everything magical.

    But comon, is slapping android onto a camera that revolutionary? Lol

  • Daniel

    Samsung is doing it the way it should be, working with other business partners to make new and interesting products, it all takes time but at least they are working towards something and aren’t sitting on their asses which they easily could be.

    as for his english..really? that’s what you took away from that? the man clearly is educated and well spoken despite it not being his native tongue, and to go up to a large international event and present something is saying something.

    I don’t think the flex display will be something that will happen within a few years but it’s nice to see that they aren’t set on keeping things the same just because everyone else is doing it

    The camera while I agree probably isn’t a “useful” tool is kind of neat, not something I’d like to own personally but good for them for at least taking a risk and making a product like that, you can’t say the same for lots of other OEM’s

  • dam n it

    Where the f u c k is the galaxy note update!? F u c k you Telus and Samsung!

  • Nathan

    Scrolls are awesome. cant wait for a scroll tablet

  • light years

    Eventually we’ll have a smartphone without a smartphone.

  • Samuel

    Now that is innovation. Eat your heart out Apple.

  • GoodJobSamSung

    I want the phablet 🙂

    and for the english… pple just go and get his job and dont worry will be ok even if u dont speak at all english 🙂 away go and get it go go … stupids