First screenshots leak of HTC Sense 5.0 alongside what could be the M7


  • Plazmic Flme

    In 2013, Android needs to go back to the source. Back to stock.

    • toocee

      RIP RIM!! 😀 😀

    • toocee

      Poor butt hurt fandroids. Is this all they have to look forward too?
      RIM Android 😀

    • REDRUM

      Stock is better cause everything is a lot smoother. Sense is pretty and all but using it on the One X causes lag and stutters more tha occasionally. Hopefuly the M7 will be better. Even the Droid DNA is reported to have lag with its quadcore.

    • Android = Lag

      Wake up sheep!
      Android is fackin junk 😀

  • Dalex

    Screw HTC. The screen on my One X decided to just stop working 6 months in. Had to go back to my SGS2, only to realize how incredible that device was for something released in early 2011.

    HTC have no clue what they are doing. They still don’t fit large enough batteries and Sense is complete crap. This device will fail due to not enough marketing and poor choices (non-removable and way too small battery, no SD card slot and horrible Android skinning).

  • johnnystudmuffin

    That menu button still exists at the bottom of the screen? Good grief figure it out HTC.

    • Drew Moreberry

      You can get rid of that menu button at the bottom easily. Just go into your options and change it so the multi task button brings up the menu when touched once, and when you do a long press on it, the recent apps window opens.

  • Where’s Mine

    Yet still they can’t get JellyBean on the One X as yet.
    There’s not a lot of smart people working at HTC is there??

    • Ron Mexico

      Jelly bean has been released for the One X

    • EvanK

      That’s what you get from buying a carrier device. It’s not HTC, it’s Robellus.

    • Adam

      Rogers has released Jelly Bean for the One X, go check if you don’t believe me.

  • Dreamchaser v1.0

    I used to be an avid HTC supporter and bought the One X,
    it’s a great phone, but the shortsightedness at HTC has killed the user experience with SENSE’S multitasking and very very very slow release of software updates.

    The lack of SD is also an annoyance.
    They are totally getting it wrong.

  • Mika

    I had a Legend, Sensation and One S and I think they’re all amazing phone.

    Can’t wait to see the M7 !!

  • Thomson

    Loved HTC’s previous phones, but they really need to do something about battery power. That’s the only thing that stopped me from getting the One-X or One-X+.

    • Dan

      It shouldn’t be, the One X+ has a great battery.

  • Harris

    Android at this point is like saying

    “Kill meeee, kiiill meeeeee”

    End the suffering already.

    • some guy

      Someone shoot that attempted trolling, ’cause it’s lame.

  • JC Chong

    IMHO the Nexus One was the best HTC device, which I still own as my spare phone. If they were to build subsequent phones using N1’s concepts they won’t be in today’s shape.

  • Lil Wayne

    Meh, Sense has always been a horrible skin and it looks like it still is.. Stock FTW

  • Ken

    I would like to see more new smartphones with the batteries that are removable, more battery power and an external slot for more memory.

  • Sweet

    Hey, they didn’t give a date when users can get their hands on the phone, which apparently means RIP HTC.

  • Piff

    the only thing o would change about my one s is where the USB port and buttons are. I really don’t get where people get that HTC phones have terrible battery life. I work 12 hour shifts and I make it through a day easily.

  • trevor

    BREAKING NEWS!!! according to blackprince310, LG halted their nexus 4 production to make way for a new nexus device! I say wtf!!!

  • Jimmy

    All the One Series Phones should get this sooner (sense 5.0). Especially since htc one v isn’t getting Jellybean.

  • Miknitro

    I’m a OneXL user, have newest JB update and over clocked to just under 2ghz an have great battery life with smoothest an enjoyable usage.

    Now with usb otg, as cards are moot.
    Great little phone honestly.

  • Miknitro

    *SD Cards, my bad, typo.

  • Matt Z10

    The OneXL is my secondary work line. The standby time is amazing when it doesn’t get used in the evenings and I can go 2 days happily. One would reason a more efficient quad core (One X+) and a boosted battery would extend its life?

    now internal battery’s have advantages. they can cram more power into the same amount of space. seal the device against dust and water and use premium materials all over to enhance the experience.

  • Kathrin

    I know my Kaiser (tytn II, tilt, whatever) runs GREAT the first few days after a flash. If yours is slow two thgins to do to make it snappy are DISABLE THE PUSH EMAIL and also DISABLE THREADED TEXT MESSAGING as it is bugged. (Threaded text messaging is the new addition to WM 6.1 that shows texts like a chat window)