Rdio for Android updated with custom music storage locations


  • Stephen K

    Great news! Now my daughter can store her offline music on her Microsd card on her Galaxy Player 4.2! This was a big issue before this update!

    • Assdroid

      Android licks asss 🙂

  • Michael

    This App tires to using Windows Phone Metro UI design, This looks like Zune or Xbox misic marketplace (the Phone on the right),just like the history portion of Zune marketplace except the pictures are further apart and it does not have a full picture of the Artist in the background, it doesnt look as good as Windows Phone though it tries to, a lot of App makers are copying Microsoft UI design, clean and minimalistic approach.

  • n2burns

    I love when apps are posted with a Nexus One in their pics. Makes me feel better that I’m still carrying one around!!

  • Ghostface

    @Micheal Sorry to burst your bubble, but apps have used that design well before Windows Phone. If that design was so good as you claim it is then more people would have this phone.

    Still have yet to see anyone using a Windows phone outside of the store reps at Bell.

  • Ghostface

    @n2burns the Nexus One has a great phone design! They even ported Jellybean to it!!

  • Michael

    @ghostface you need to have your eyes checked and your ears cleaned many people are now rocking Windows Phone just this week its revealed WP is selling 5 times as much as it did a year ago imseeing lots of people especially with the Lumia 710 and HTC 8x, Nokia share prices has jumped over 17% in the week due to WP, WP is only getting stronger i just saw on article on forbes where they said WP is on track to sell 1 million units perweek, look it up. The others are copying WP for A REASON, ITS THE BEST MOBILE OS.

  • Donald

    @Ghostface Yeah, cause google sure didn’t give it 4.x themselves.