Hands-on with LG’s Smart Activity Tracker (Video)


  • 201

    Re 2:01 picture

    2 Years one Month until your LG phone gets the newer (not the latest) version of Android.

    Sony Motorola and HTC will adopt it too.


    BB10 DOA

    • sp

      JUST SAYING and Twosee DOA

      RIP JUST SAYING and Twosee


      RIP sp and RIM and BB10 🙂

  • Tom

    That actually sounds pretty good.

    The modern version of a watch.

  • Twosee

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Rainman

    Seems like this niche is getting crowded. Not sure how many offerings the market can handle profitably. Seems like maybe two or three good ones will survive. Not sure LG Activity Tracker is going to be one of the long term winners.

  • drone

    3 days?? I already got my phone and tablet to worry about when it comes to battery life— would rather not have another item added to that list.

    Why not give it a 3 week battery.. now that’d be convenient and practical.

  • Antony

    Just so you know it is called the Nike Fuelband! Fit bit is another device and competitor to this fitness tracking space…