Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to be demoed at CES


  • W

    I think gg1 and gg2 are resilient enough for general use. All we need now is coatings that won’t scratch up easily (and be visible)


      Is this Tim cook in the pic?


      Apple will sue them because the gorilla is holding android tablet

  • Whoo Daat

    Gorilla A$S.. whats up with all the hype when it comes to this product? everything they claim isnt true.. the screens get scratched easily! they break easily which is normal but they claim that the GG is superior!

  • money and sex are everythin

    Is it bendable? Samsung will be releasing a bendable phone at CES.

  • coolchick

    Okay, that Gorilla looks too happy to make me believe the product they’re marketing is tough.

    My confidence for Gorilla Glass 3 is now low.

  • catherine

    then why is it that the nexus 4 glass backing can easily crack when dropped if it’s made of gorilla glass 2?

    • Dirk Dundenburg

      You’re confusing hardness with brittleness…

  • Mike

    Instead of making it stronger, make it foldable. Forget bendable. I don’t see the point of bending the phone. But if you can fold up your smartphone like the old flip phones, that would be great.

  • Canuck

    Let me guess its 50% thinner and 10% stronger but still shatters if you drop your phone…

  • Tyronne The Chicken Lover

    Keep improving, GG!

    Thinner glass improves touch sensitivity, as well as weight and thinness of the phone.

    I am actually surprised at all the uneducated comments above. I guess the school is out already, and the kiddies are taking to the Internet.

    As far as bendable Samsung glass, I am also very much excited about it. With its use, the phones will be made to look and feel more ergonoic, since shape wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

    All good developments!

    • Tyronne The Chicken Lover


    • Rio

      You call other people stupid yet your comment made be laugh. Yes Samsung has made bendable glass but what about the rest of the phone?

      Do you really think processors, motherboards, batteries etc will be able to bend with the screen?

  • An Onymous

    Gorilla glass 3, for those moments where your jimmies get really, REALLY rustled.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Anyone that has seen the video of a Note2 falling off of someone’s lap as they got out of a suv, and the gorilla glass ll, broke like crystal…. So Corning needs to make glass that is not just scratch resistant, but shock resistant!

  • Omega Jimes

    My Nexus 4 has taken a couple tumbles on hardwood and tile flooring and once on concrete. Nary a crack or shatter to be seen.

  • screamer

    Dropped my s3 from 3 feet and that was it with the screen. What the big thing about this glass?

  • Tyco

    Android makes my bum hurt 🙁

    • Mike

      You’re taking it up the wrong place then.