Sony Xperia T caught running early Jelly Bean build (video)


  • Peter

    My Johnson is erect!

  • Larry

    Man, that’s the ugly phone.

    • seroevo

      I can get subjective opinion, but how people can find a simple black rectangle as ugly is beyond me.

      More so when I come across a person calling the Xperia ugly while rocking a blue SIII. That’s like getting an opinion on aesthetics from someone wearing leopard print.

  • Dalex

    There’s something really laggy about Sony’s launcher: Timescape… It’s almost as bad as HTC Sense. This isn’t a bad device, but I would root it and flash CM on it immediately if I was in possession of one. At the very least, use Nova or Apex Launcher.

    • seroevo

      Timescape seems like a good idea at first but I find it really impractical. It’s just easier to check feeds in the actual Facebook and Twitter apps.

      The main flaw is not being able to see more than 4-5 words from any given post. It feels like trying to read newspaper headlines if you were only given a few words. “Trouble in Toronto as…” and “Mayor Ford does…”

      I don’t want every single post to be a tease.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Glad I don’t see any stupid glass plates that can easily break like the stupid design by Google and LG in the Nexus 4. Don’t buy the Nexus 4, even if it was available