HTC rumoured to launch a couple Windows RT tablets in 2013, one of them will reportedly make calls


  • Edward Szklar

    Nah. Would rather have either a Surface Pro or ASUS 13″ Transformer Book that did unlocked pentaband GSM and LTE.

  • Dalex

    A 7 inch flyer style tablet with stylus support and phone capabilities sounds cool. It would work really well for students especially with Office 2013 that is included in RT tabs. Hopefully by then, the store will have a bigger consortium of apps as well.

  • gjeff12

    I’m pretty sure the galaxy tab 2 had phone capabilities. Maybe only the European model but still..

    • gjeff12

      Ok sorry, its the note 10.1. Here’s proof

  • 45

    A tablet that makes calls? I think think kids call that a phone these days.

  • Imrightyourewrong

    A 7 inch tablet that makes calls? Baahahahaahahahahahahah

    HTC has lost it, throw them and Samsung into the looney bin.