Samsung shows off part two of its GS3 Premium Suite (video)


  • gjeff12

    Most of what you listed is already on ours.

  • gjac0m

    “It’s nice to see Samsung continuing to support its aging products with new features”

    Are you kidding me? The phone is just about 6 months old and it’s their flagship device.

    • 7-Down

      6 months is 2yrs in the tech world.

    • gjac0m

      Yeah. 6 months is 2 years in the Android world.

    • TheRC51

      12 month old hardware is a brand new iPhone.

    • bort

      Is that why the ipad 4 was released 6 months after ipad 3?

  • Craig

    when can Canadians expect to see this upgrade? I like the multiscreen window option.


    • JV

      umm premium suit is already available to download, downloaded mine like last week, like on the 2nd of December of 2012 (this year). And yes it was free of charge of course.

  • Tom

    “Then there’s an Easy Mode for novice Android users looking to take the slow learning curve — large, pre-populated widgets and such”

    If they did that well, it could be a great feature.

    Android is a big, powerful, full fledged OS now. Getting started can be daunting for many new, non-techie, users. ‘Easy Mode’ might be a good way for new users to get started.

  • Kobe Bryant

    So we can expect this update officially to be released through robellus by the time project j is out

  • screamer

    Premium suite looks like that we have to pay extra for it or? Anyways if we get it free it will be 05|13 when it comes to Canada. By than I buy a galaxy S3…

    • Mr Mystery

      Go away apple employee, take your lies elsewhere.

    • Mr Mystery

      Sorry my comment was meant for TO Boy.

  • TO Boy

    WOw, the scrolling only looks so smooth because the video was sped up. I’ve played with a 4 month old S3 and it was slow and choppy. Hopefully the upgrade helps.

  • Joe Trojan

    1 faces are detected.

    • Monkey Face

      I’d like to know if it will detect darker toned faces. Lol.

  • N/A

    It’s great that they are making these videos, perhaps they should focus on rolling out updates fasted… I have a GS3 and no sign of an update to 4.1 yet, while nexus is already on 4.2….

    • S

      Telus S III updated to 4.1.1 last night. Can’t see 4.2 coming anytime soon. One can only wish.

  • gurn blansten

    Hurrah! Another update. Glad to see Samsung standing behind their Flagship device and rolling out upgrades. Likely New Year for Rogers. At least S3 not an iPhone where you ditch to buy another with the hardware that “should” have shipped with the device – will the 5s be up to par with the S3 when released? S4 will likely hit before that and inspire more “we can’t compete” lawsuits.

  • John

    Ill take this on my S2X please!

  • BigVic89

    My only irk with the S3 is using its volume rocker. When its in your pocket and your listening to music, bumping it ramps the volume to max and blows out your ears. Hopefully they add a built in function to keep the volume locked, thats an update im looking for… (and i have tried apps that are “supposed” to lock the volume – they just revert it back to a set level after blowing out your ears).

  • drone

    man… I’m starting to feel that the only differences between the Note 2 and this are the stylus and larger screen… all those extra software features (first multi-view, smart-rotate, pop-up browser—resizeable and now low light mode, bestface and even paper artist)…are available for the S3); kinda sucks that the Note II isn’t the “premium” device anymore.

    Perhaps I should’ve gone with the HTC Butterfly.. hmm.

    • Mark

      Just because the features are on the S3 doesn’t make the note 2 less of a premium phone. With software being equal, a larger screen, pen input, faster processor and better battery life make the note 2 still very compelling device to pick up over the S3.

      You should be happy for the S3 owners. The commitment by Samsung to upgrade the S3 with these features serves as an indicator that the Note 2 will will get also cool new software features that will be present on the next newest Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S IV.

  • Thomas

    Anyone who has the S3, is it really that good in low light as they show? 😀
    The only reason im not buying it because of the US version.
    Why don’t they release 1 version of the phone and it would be also easier to push the updates too?

  • drone

    @Mark Let’s hope that you’re right.

  • RyanOver