Fido lists the Motorola RAZR HD online for $575


  • iphoneee

    so.expensive….. i will take an iphone 6s instead

    • EvanKr

      Free on a 2 year is actually extremely reasonable for a flagship device, that essentially has the same internals as an S3.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Never again Motorola.
      Never again.

      You have screwed over so many customers with promises to update your devices only to lie two months later.

      Never again.

  • Yannick Wolfe

    I’ve been using the Motorola RAZR HD for a few days now and it’s a far better phone then the iphone 5.

    • Mobilicity is BANKRUPT

      Motorola unfortunately will do or say anything to maintain the small amount of hardware market share they have left.

      They fell asleep over 5 years ago and they are playing catch-up.

      Another strike, Motorola.

  • Thas

    Love how these devices are hidden on their site when browsing manually…*sigh*

    • Ramone

      Try finding Fido’s “Local Calling Area” maps on their website. If nothing has changed since a few months ago when I tried, then best of luck to you!

      Luckily, I have been happy with Wind for 2 years, and very much appreciate their full transparency.

    • Jay

      @Ramone: That’s because Fido has no “Local Calling Areas” like Wind does. They’re a Canada-Wide company. I think your browsing issues are just a lack of being educated in what your searching for, nothing else.

  • cedqc418

    Fido’s “Local Calling Area ? why do you want local area ? 56 $ plan is nationwide !
    Fido have limited qty ! You can have the phone free when you can the number on your website… and ask a promo who offer 50 $ credit on your second bill ! if you have fido people on your friend … ask their number … you get an extra 20 $… and your friend too !

    • Ramone

      Not all plans are Nation-wide, first of all. If you are signing up for a $20 talk+text, it’s local only, but then you won’t know what local area is, since the maps are hidden.

      Either way, I get way more with my $40 Wind plan than any of the plans that are currently in the market, except maybe for Mobilicity’s.

      Believe me, I am 100% satisfied with my current provider. I don’t have to bend over backwards and go out of my way to try and find loopholes. I’ll just pay $40/month every month, and be done with it. No more begging for me.

  • cedqc418

    You can have the phone free when you call the number on their website… Sorry for my bad English ;p

  • Dylan K

    This is the kind of pricing I’m talking about. $50 on a 2 year is great, especially for a nice phone like this. So close to stock Android and great hardware, too.

    Say what you want about Motorola, this is a great phone at a great price on a great term.

    And on Fido, no less.

  • crimsona

    50 bucks on a 2 year contract at Fido is a decent deal – it even beats the Verizon Droid Razr at $100 on 2 year and the AT&T Atrix HD at $100 on 2 year contract

    • Scott

      Combine this phone with the $56/month promo plan (unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, 2GB data, caller ID, voice mail) and this is starting to look like pretty good pricing. Finally! Hope a LOT of people sign up for this, it might start pushing the whole industry forward.

  • Jesse S

    Guy i work with got it last week, he charged his phone thurs night overnight, woke up friday and used it all day, all day saturday and had to plug it in sunday mid day finally. My note 2 is great, but looks like this Razr is very very good on the battery life.

  • Nick

    Is it me or… how come I don’t see it anywhere on Fido’s site?

  • Dave

    Wow, that’s a bargain. Flagship device on a 2 year plan for $50. Already ordered! It was a good excuse to move away from Videotron. If you call Fido, they will also give a $50 credit on your second bill, so effectively with a 2 year plan, you get this phone for free.

  • t cathcart

    I’m one of the “select customers” who got this phone a few weeks ago, paid $100 for it (with Fido dollars, mind you) and couldn’t be happier. Good-as-stock Android (trust me, I was running CM10 JB, amongst others, on my Nexus S), LTE, remarkable battery life, expandable memory, beautiful AMOLED screen, easily unlockable (therefore custom ROMs if you don’t trust Motorola’s update schedule…see XDA), built like a tank and out-benchmarks everything short of the quad-cores. It’s what the Nexus 4 should have been.

  • Bob

    Called Fido to order the new Razr… they say it is no longer available

  • luvmygadgets

    I can’t see it anywhere on the site… a friend of mine played the game and was one of those “select” customers to get the extra Fido dollars and chance to get the RAZR HD early… when he called in to order it, they would not let him have the phone with the $57 two year contract !

  • Kevin

    what are you talking about $56 plan. I got 6 months back from retension department 6gb data & unlimeted local calling unlimited all text & MMM for $50 without zone restriction

  • Max

    Shouldn’t every Motorola phone be stock android by now considering their acquisition from Google?

  • Hello

    The only concern I have with this phone is a bad camera. Every review I have read pans its camera so it must be really bad.

  • Robocop

    To the comment about Google’s acquisition of Motorola. This phone was in design and the plans were in place before Google made the annoucement in May 2012 and were allowed to finalize the acquisition in Aug.

    Nonetheless, many good things to come from these two companies.

    This is an amazing deal from FIDO, definitely breaking the competitive barrier! If you want a flagship android phone, this is hands down the best all round offer in all of Canada.

    You get the speeds and coverage of FIDO/ROGERs.
    2 year contract, $50 for a top 10 phone (free for some).
    2 GB data.
    unlimited everything else.
    Caller ID and VM package.
    All for $56/month

    No worries, no hassle. Plus over the two years you get to bank $65 FIDO dollars for your next phone.

  • Android

    no maxx no care

  • montrealer

    People will always complain. This is one of the best deal ever with Fido. A high end phone on a 2y term, c’mon, when was the last time we saw this?