RIM loses patent dispute against Nokia


  • iphoneee

    should have ended the title at RIM loses…….few months down the road it will be like that

    • Alnur Ismail

      Will RIM be ok?


      Halt the sales of BB7 and playbook? They are already zero, so no big deal.

      What is the exact date that I can walk into a store and buy a BB10 device? I want the DATE.

    • Johentie

      haha your name just says it all .. iphones are WAY behind.. how do you like using the same UI for the last 6 years?! on EVER idevice there is out there??

      pretty boring huh? how does it feel to have half a*s autocorrect? how does it feel not to have gesture swipe to delete words? hoes does it feel to have poop multitasking? how does it feel to tiny screen? how does it feel … well the list can just go on and on and on and on…

    • Fallopian Tubes

      What RIM needs is someone with fallopian tubes running the company.

    • John

      @ Johentie – You’re hilarious. There’s just as big a list of negatives for Android devices…I’m assuming you’re comparing iOS to Android because BB users tend to be a bit more intelligent than what you seem to be.

    • HammerTime

      Johentie you do realize this post is about RIM and Nokia right??? Nothing to do with iOS v Android…you don’t need to hijack EVERY friggin post with your iOS v Droid nonsense.

    • A Art

      Come on, Johnny! Give us that “Androd Fails” list! Let’s start with an “older” Galaxy S III. Go, go, go!

    • John

      @ A Art – Let’s start with crappy battery life. Follow that up with by apps that a) may or may not work on your phone b) tend to be uglier and more buggy than iOS apps. How about fragmentation? Yes, it’s an issue even though many Fandroids refuse to accept that it is. Johentie complains about iOS keyboard and auto correct but my experience was that Android’s many keyboards including default, Swype and Swiftkey were much worse than iOS. Is that enough or do you want more?

  • rimme

    Ooh nokia won in Sweden? What a huge surprise!

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      Nokia = Finland, Finland and Sweden have a traditional rivalry. this is like a US company winning judgment in Russian court.

    • hoo dat

      Except it never happened in a court. The ruling was made by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, which has as much legal bite outside of that city as my toothless grandmother does. Nokia, though, has decided to use this ruling to launch further lawsuits in the US, Canada and UK. Following that decision RIM is readying a massive counter lawsuit against Nokia, one that probably has Nokia wishing they had stayed in bed today.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    obviously microsoft is pulling the strings here, wp8’s big explosion into the market was nothing but a popcorn fart, and now they want to knock out RIM before BB10 get’s busy on windows8 sending it to its deserved early grave

    • A Art

      Every sentence in this post is made-up of lies. How… how did you even come up with that? :-/

  • Sgt.Romanov

    They may have one in Sweden , but I cant see them winning over here or else where.

    • Sgt.Romanov


  • Paul

    A win in Sweden should not be viewed as a win everywhere. This is just Nokia flexing its patent muscle (who can blame them) as they run out of money. Best suggestion for rim however is to work out an agreement and avoid the costs of litigation. Obviously there is some doubt there. Take it on the chin now and put move on with bb10.

  • new_tradition

    Maybe it’s too early in the morning for me, but I’m confused. “Beyond cellular essentials”? What other hardware is RIM working on? I figure the playbooks can be included in cellular essentials, but I don’t get how saying no about non-BB stuff will impact at this time O.o

    • Dave

      Hockey teams.

  • Johentie

    hmmm so i guess Nokia feels threatended and therefore attacking RIM..

    a lot of people say once people start suing RIM.. they think of them as a threat..

    if they weren’t a threat why bother?

    • Geoff

      Why bother? Nokia needs money desperately. They’re going to take it where they can get it.

  • Kevin


  • Dave

    Yes, like HP’s ceo Meg Whineman… She was. so great…

  • Netguru

    This is not going to be a long drawn-out legal battle (like Apple & Samsung). Neither RIM nor Nokia want that. All that will happen is that RIM will respect it’s longstanding royalty agreement with Nokia and move on.

  • Jeff

    Nokia is pretty much dead releasing that Windows crap that no one who actually exists will buy.

  • Mike

    If you can’t win with your products, sue to prevent the competition from competing. Yup, thanks layers.

  • skazzers

    Hey look! It’s a battle of the dinasaurs!!

  • Slayer

    Many rim jobs will be lost

  • Lee

    FoxConn has the order to produce the Microsoft Surface Phone. Suppliers are moving and it should launch in Mid-2013 ! 🙂


  • FrankieSab

    Jeff, I am sorry to tell you that I do exist and I have a Nokia phone. Nokia build quality is great and I love Windows Phone. You should try one, I am sure you will too….

  • Wtv


  • Wtv


  • hoo dat

    I don’t think Nokia has any idea what it just did or what’s about to hit it. RIM has already stated that it considers Nokia in violation of well over 40 of its patents and is currently polishing up Big Bertha for a full on assault. The problem for Nokia here is that it has negative income and no cash reserves, can it even afford to defend itself against multiple litigations that could bankrupt it before they even start? I sense some serious kissing and making up is going to happen once the seriousness of the issue is understood in Helsinki.

    • truetrue

      You’re an i***t. Nokia’s cash reserves are still good, their assets are huge, and they have the industry’s biggest patent portfolio by far.

    • hoo dat

      Wrong on all counts, truetrue. Nokia has little to no cash reserves and are running on fumes, they need their latest generation of phones to be a MASSIVE success just for them to maintain maintenance allowances against their debt. The only assets they have that they can afford to sell are physical unless they want to dip into their patent portfolio and start selling those off which is a distinct possibility. RIM currently holds the largest patent portfolio by far and is far more flexible about their use than Nokia ever has been.

      Realistically, if RIM decides to fight back, Nokia wouldn’t stand a chance but I would bet that this all ends with a handshake and a cup of tea. Nokia just couldn’t afford for it to go any other way.

  • Kelly

    Nokia is desperate because they know BB10 will destroy WP!
    So now Nokia is “copying” Apple by suing. Why didn’t Nokia sue Apple for “icons”? Nokia had them before Samsung. Sounds like Nokia is working with Apple to “try” and take down Android and BlackBerry. They won’t succeed.

  • jplunks

    Its funny that blackberry owners talk about Nokia. Blackberry wants to go to war with Nokia that has spent the most money on there R&D then they are in for a would wind. How is you BB10 gonna hold up with majority of its users on a simple BBM and email plan? Where is the experience? Nokia and MS had made a big splash in the market. They spend millions on millions for ppl to even say the name windows phone 8 and still has a steep hill to climb. BB users act that when BB10 comes out that it will take top spots on the first or second quarter. Great devices and os’s along with marketing isn’t going to bring you back where you were. Its a tooth and nail grind. Think about that before you judge what blackberry will have as far as impact when it will be released

    • hoo dat

      I had a long, reasoned post laid out that disappeared when I hit “Submit” so you’re going to habe to make do with this:

      RIM stock soared once again this morning on pre-markets based on more analysts reactions after seeing BB10 for the first time. Normally RIM toxic houses such as Goldman Sachs are upgrading RIM share statuses left, right and centre based not just on the initial release but on the forecast for the entire fiscal year.

      RIM has never stated they want to return to the ruling the world again, at least not immediately, but to become a solid #3 and closing the gap between themselves and whomever is in the #2 position. They’re currently in the #3 position and Nokia has fallen out of the top 5 of global smartphone sales. Nokia has launched numerous new dvices over the last couple of years and yet can’t compete with a supposed “done” company that hasn’t released a new device in close to 2 years. That on its own tells you something.

    • hoo dat

      P.S. I just noticed that Symbian is still outselling WP and by approx 35%. No matter how you cut it, that’s a serious concern.

  • STY

    I’ll say it again. Nokia turning their back on Canadian Anna users, no love, nor money from me.