Apple reportedly fires manager who oversaw Maps debacle


  • Milzie

    Sad story lol

  • Common sense


  • kenypowa

    All he has to do is to update his address in Apple Maps and Tim Cook will never find him.

    • Scott

      Neither will his paycheck.

  • Bloody Tampon

    Everyone is disposable. Image is everything to Apple, since the product itself isn’t anything special anymore, and hasn’t been exciting for at least 4 years now. Let’s be honest here – iPhone is boring.

    They can’t afford any major f*ck-ups, since their global market share is steadily declining. Thus, anyone who dents their image is promptly let go. Makes perfect sence from Apple’s perspective.

    They have to grab at straws while sinking – it’s only natural.

    • briggs

      To be fair, when the stakes are that high, and the mess up is that big, no company would simply say “you’ll get em next time, champ.” Could you imagine what would have happened if Google screwed this one up on their maps system? The one that powers not only their phone, but pretty much everything else useful map wise outside of Nokia? We’d never hear the end of it!

  • patrick

    @bloody tampon

    couldnt have said it better

  • Anthony

    Apple’s business practices are extremely unethical. Make one mistake and you’re fired. You can’t blame the Apple maps issues on one single individual, it was a team effort, so discipline the whole team. Firing these people for things like this is really extreme and makes Apple look like an extremely bad company to work for. This is just another example of Apple showing the world that it hasn’t a care in the world for it’s employees. Human life means so little to Apple that it’s pathetic. Apple as a company needs to be brought up on charges for their blatant disregard for their employees’ worker’s rights. Shame on you Apple. A company as big as yours should be setting an example for other companies to follow, not embarrassing yourselves and making your company look like it doesn’t even care for it’s workers.

    • Jack

      Make one mistake and you’re fired?

      How do you know that? Work there?

  • vn33

    With all these lawsuits Apple throws around, plus boring & barely changed devices and then with the iMap fiasco, it’s no wonder people don’t hold them in high regards anymore.Having an iPhone was cool and chic a few years back, but now ? Meh !

  • mike

    Well Apple shouldn’t of messed up the relationship with Samsung and pissing off Google as well. Then Apple would have been able to keep google maps and you tube. But Apple keeps pissing off everyone and they lose relationships and be alone in this industry. Poor Apple.

  • dodoofogo

    time to use google map now

  • Paul

    The reason that you don’t hear much talk about it anymore is that even apple told everyone to use anything else, but Apple maps. Therefore without many users it would be hard to tell if there just as ,many mistakes or not.

  • Bob

    As they say, it’s just business…

  • Toto

    Now that they can’t hurt the public anymore because everyone is moving to Android, they’ve decided to hurt their own staff.

  • Andy

    I hope he can find his way out the door.

  • Miknitro

    Uh, their entire os is stagnating.

    I wouldn’t be worrying about maps, I’d be working on how to make a OS beyond a feature phone OS without getting pitch forked by all the company’s they have screwed over.

    Or its pretty much written on the wall, it’s going the way of the flip phone into obscurity one day.


  • Mike

    Apples statement: “Your mapping wrong” LMAO LOL

  • Lukeiphone

    As an apple supporter, I just feel this was unethical and wrong.

  • David

    The man’s been handed an impossible task and he was fired for not able to complete it. Wow, this makes a lot of sense.

    In a way, this tells how much of a sore loser Apple really is, in which they couldn’t lawfully burn down Googleplex to let of some steam for losing a battle, they fired one of their own.

    This kind of behavior also reflect Americans as a whole (sorry I’m getting into politics), in which they accuse those who beat them in the olympics for doping and smear those up and coming countries for stealing their jobs.

  • DrBadass

    So apple steals 1 billion dollars from samsung to fire this poor guy? What a shock. (sarcasm)

  • Jim

    Flyover all the way

  • patrick


    Youre wrong. Its unethical but its like that. Take as an example pro sport teams, when the team is not going well, do you think they will start to discipline the entire team? No they fire the coach. Was it his fault? maybe, probably a little, but they will not start to waste time on trying to get 30 people to wake up when they can have the entire team wake up all at once by firing one person. This is not new and happens all the time in any major organization, business ralated or not.

    Apple have screwed up recently, they are losing ground fast and they know their image is getting tortured with all the scandals they were involved in recently. After all, they see their biggest competitor (Samsung) winning so much ground so fast even after being sued and losing for supposedly “stealing from apple”. How can they not feel embarassed by that

  • Sam

    They also need to fire the knob who’s responsible for the image retention problem with the Retina Macbook Pros. They need to be recalled. Apple = Most arrogant shamefull company in the world….and richest.

  • DrParanoid

    I don’t get it. You break ties with Google to scrape together your own mapping system in a short amount of time and expect it to be working 100 percent… Then when it isn’t, you fire the guy in charge of it all? You could argue he wasn’t given enough time and resources to release a product comparable to Google Maps. With that said, I don’t think many should even be compared to Google in the first place. This is a dose of relaity for Apple.

    My brother keeps in good with his buisness partners, why? Because he likes money, and so do they. This is like the guy that won’t contract a liscensed floorist(in Googles case, possibly the best at their craft) to install a hardwood floor because they have personal disagreements and instead appoints some Joe blow with way less resources and experience to do a rush job, then cries bloody murder when his floor boards start shifting and popping out of place. At the end of the day who is to blame? The guy who installed the floor? Or the person responsible for contracting him when he knew of the situation and risks involved?

  • sak500

    He should have listened to GOD to stay away from the apple.

  • Jimbo

    The sad part here is that the security guard responsible for removing him from the property had to use an Android device to find him first!!

  • Idonkey

    Rim will hires this guy to joint the dream teams.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Apple Maps are very reliable. I use them exclusively, and I am yet to be let down, or lead off course. This issue is clearly exaggerated.

    This is only one side of the story. If Apple thinks that letting a team member go will benefit the company, so be it. We need Apple to keep creating premium products for those who desire quality.

    I will see you all at the store! Don’t mind the line-ups – the store is always buzzing, and we exceed our sale targets daily. People know a good product when they see it.

    Cheers 😉

  • Is this Bb10?

    Google should fire the executive responsible for the Nexus 4 sales debacle.

  • JP

    This is what you call Apple management fail

  • People Are Sheep

    Time for Isheep to FIRE Apple now , before IPhone 5s comes out and Ipad Tutti Frutti is released.

  • Kevvv0

    Doesn’t surprise me!

  • Mike

    Apple has now consorted to this, a firing spree. Like others, Tim Cook is going to destroy Apple once again. But this time, Steve Jobs is NOT going to be able to save Apple.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Too late. Should have fired him a year ago to avoid this BS.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    all these people that’s calling this unethical and mean. its a leaders job to lead and make sure everything is going smoothly. They call the shots and he was no different. If they gave him such a impossible task, he could have discussed it with the board. but he chose to take that paycheck and unfortunately one of the responsibilities of the head is to take well… responsibility when problems arise. another way to put it would be that apple is practising one of sun tao’s art of war… “kill one warn hundreds” well in this case it’s fire one warn hundreds.

    • Dave

      sun tao’s who? Does he works for Apple? LMAOTF