Humble Bundle IV brings Swords & Sworcery EP to Android for the first time


  • alexrobot

    Be forewarned that Waking Mars doesn’t seem to run on a Galaxy S3 running CM10. Hopefully it will soon!

  • Kevin

    Always full of great games for an amazing cause.

    Not to mention, there’s always little extras being added later. Very much worth the $6 at least if you’re looking to grab these games.

  • mattprime86

    Played machinarium and eufloria so far and both are bugged so badly i can’t play 🙁 arrgh

    • Richard

      Could you have at least provided a platform/device and OS type/version, so other could be informed.

  • Richard

    Not sure about other devices, but this is the first time I was able to get any of these games besides Machinarium on my Galaxy Nexus.

    Crayon Physics, Swords & Sworcery and Splice all seem to be working well so far.

    OS: 4.1.2
    Phone: Bell Galaxy Nexus running Google yakju.

  • Rich

    Just bought this pack for OSX, good stuff so far. wil download to phone when I get one.

  • mattprime86

    My bad. GS2X running cm10

  • vn33

    Although this bundle is not my cup of tea, I did get the previous Humble Bundle of eBooks. Great way to support the authors/developers !