Grand Theft Auto: Vice City bringing its swagger to Android and iOS this fall


  • Swizzlerz

    god im old. and im only 28 I played this game in grade 11….

  • Stimulator

    Probably my favourite game in the GTA series!

  • Android Fagmentation

    Which Android handsets will this work on?
    Which Androids are gonna get some with each other?

    • WP74Life

      Fagmentation, you’re all right!
      Android is for the cheap wanna-be high tech person.
      The ANR (app not responding, just so you know) time is over guys. Surface is here, with WP8 around the corner or WP 7.8 you guys are saying to yourselves: Damn, why did I spent 150$ on a 3 years agreement for that cheap piece of crap they call a Galaxy Sux3 while I could have a better, stronger, quality handset. WP baby, wish you had one don’t you ?

    • qu3becker

      What this have to do with the news?
      Windows Phone 7 or 8 won’t even have this game… At least for now, I guess but not until they occupy a bigger marketplace and the cheaper one will the suffer the same fate as the cheaper and older android device; they won’t get GTA: Vice City.

      On topic:
      This is my favorite GTA. Great!

    • qu3becker

      I meant bigger market share.

    • EvanK


      “Android is for the cheap wanna-be high tech person”

      Wasn’t it Microsoft who standardized and optimized cheap low performance hardware to keep the costs of WPs down?

  • EvanK

    What I love about GTA are the radio stations, they put so much effort into those. You’ve gotta love games with attention to detail

  • Jesse

    Guess it’ll be no time at all before San Andreas is on mobile devices 😀

  • Christmas Daniels

    They have to put this in wp8 phone or I might cry and admit defeat

  • drone


  • BoXX

    Tommy Vercetti! Just like the original poster I am 28 years old and I spent countless hours playing this legendary game. Can’t wait to buy it.

  • Betty

    will it be coming to BB10