Apple has sold over 100 million iPads


  • iphoneee

    How many Windows98 PC’s did they sell?

    • Playbooker

      Not sure about Windows tablets.
      But Playbooks are around one million sold and over a million Shipped. VS 100 million SOLD

      RIM simply too long to drop the PB to $99 and now there are better tablets at $150, so its a double fail!

  • Frank

    Who Cares!!! Apple is so Boring and always try to twist things around to make their product sound amazing. Soooo boring, they managed to get all these users when Apple was innovative. I can bet that if 10 iphone users where to play with a high end Android maybe 1 would go back to Icrapple!

    • Alex

      Frank well obviously you care if you take the time to post on an Apple story!

  • drone

    hmm… can’t find a more stable tablet than this. If the price were lower, it’d be a no brainer to get this over the competition.

  • Tom

    What-ever the exact numbers it is clear that Apple is #1 in this market.

    It is a tough battle for Google (or MS) to go against the incumbent. I have a Nexus 7 and I think it is great, but everyone else I know buys iPad either because, well, that is just what everyone is doing, or occasionally because the iPad has better tablet apps. The price difference doesn’t seem to register.

    The Nexus 10 will be more comparable (screen size) but I think they will have a hard time competing with the iPad regardless of the price.

    The Surface has the Office advantage, but it too faces an uphill battle.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    But clearly all 100 million of those iPad buyers are just iSheep. No normal people are buying it, just iSheep. Lots and lots of iSheep.


    • Stuntman

      It’s more like Apple has such a strong and popular brand that many people buy Apple products because they are Apple products. My wife jumped at getting her iPhone even though she knows next to nothing about phones. The pretty much just uses it as a phone most of the time. I managed to set up her email on it as well now. Last week I got her to use the video calling via VTalk to my GTalk on my phone.

      Her parents pretty much knew nothing about phones either. They only considered iPhones because they have not heard of anything else on the market.

      Overall, they are all happy with their iPhones.

  • What I can’t understand is why people buy that thing? I mean, I can’t do anything with it !

    Let’s go load a torrent.

    iPad user : I’ll use my computer and transfer it on my device after to watch it. But I also have to convert it.

    Galaxy tab user : I’ll download it on my tab then watch it.

    This song on Youtube is good.

    iPad user : I’ll go on my computer, download the .flv, transform it in mp3 then transfer it on my iPad. Or buy it.

    Tab user : I’ll just use this app that load the .flv on my tab then use this other application to change it to mp3. Or just listen to it in .flv as my music player read about everything.

    Those are just a few examples of why the iPad is so useless..