Xbox Music to give Canadians more streaming music choice on Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android


  • Hurley

    It still bugs me that you have to have Xbox Live Gold to access other services you pay for (Netflix, the music videos on this new Xbox Music.etc).


      True. It’s even stupider for the Xbox music, as they’re both MS. Thank god we have the bean counters to make sure we don’t get too many features. As for Netflix, you’re not paying MS for that, so the “I already pay for” unfortunately doesn’t apply. I pay for internet services, why should I have to pay for Netflix to access it?

    • jPhoneUser : because netflix has to pay to movie studios to deliver the content. netflix is free app in gtv , ps3 , android , ios , roku and several other devices . so it makes no sense to pay again. it is a part of lazy decision by msft. insted of having live an option they stuck to their current model.

      will u give this same reason if apple asks you to pay a monthly fee of 10$ apart from app subscription fee ??

    • Terry

      Yes, it’s hilariously sad.

      I updated my GFs 360 and tried out the new features only to realize you need to be a gold member to access Facebook and Twitter. FREE services on any other device need gold membership.
      As well as my mind being blown you need a gold membership to access a PAID service like Netflix.

      I just dropped the controller and said “Well. I’m done with this company.”


    I wonder how many people not familiar with computers will think they need to buy a nintendo box to use Xbox music.

  • Tom

    I pay $5/m for RDIO. For $8/m you get full mobile access with downloading.

    Would have thought MS would want to launch their new service a little cheaper then the established competition.

    • Brad F

      On the plus side, Microsoft’s service has about 30 million songs compared to Rdio’s 12 million.

    • Jonny

      Well, technically Rdio costs only $5/month if you don’t use it on the go. I use it on my iPhone, and to do that I need to have the $9.99/month package. So Xbox Music is the same price as Rdio to get the same features.

  • Chuck

    I have the Zune Pass and it’s just a great service. Music when I want it with no restrictions. Plus it works across my Phone, PC and Xbox. This is just a rebranding with more features and more added content. IMO it’s the best and most convienient service for music.

  • caha

    Xbox 360 isn’t much without a Xbox Live Gold Pass, and either way there’s usually ones that are bundled with live points which also goes hand-in-hand with Live Gold, this Xbox Music pass is going to be interesting considering the Zune Pass did suck for Canadians who owned the Zune. Lets think maybe it would make me want to use my Zune again VS the Ipod Classic.

    Those who complain about XBL Gold being needed for apps, its because gold goes hand-in-hand. Accept it.

  • Decoi

    I just received an e-mail that my Zune pass just got updated to the XBOX music pass and they rewarded me with 1000 Microsoft points.

  • David

    I am what some would call an Android fanboy. I must give kudos to Microsoft for offering what Google could not give Canadian customer through Play : an alternative to iTune and to Pandora.

    PS: My XBox kick a*s.

  • Swizzlerz

    I didn’t buy Xbox live to steam music on my tv… I purchased it to play GAMES online….. In a secure gaming system.

    I purchased zune music pass to play music on my phone! Not only that on my Computer.

    If I wanted to listen to music on my home theater I would connect to it by bluetooth and control my phone like an mp3 player. :S

    Ive never been a fan of the streaming only music to the xbox. take a while to load.

    • Impartial

      That’s great….

      Now people who want to stream music to their X Box have that option.