WIND to release the Huawei Ascend G312


  • Beso

    very blant device!

  • Jimmy

    For $350 outright, I’d rather buy a Samsung or HTC phone…

    • tech

      add extra $50 and get used S3

  • mjolnir

    $350 outright can get you the gnex..

  • Mark

    Be careful! Their phone has some prolems about privacy.

    • Red Foreman

      so does your Iphone, or any other smartphone for that matter. :\

  • Acco

    I think the problem is that Huawei is associated with the entry level smartphone market.

  • bazinga

    homeland and csis are now all over this post 😉

    • kickstart

      lol nice one

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    Huawei is an espionage tool being used by the communists!

  • cheenachatze

    Very attractive model for Wind. Not high end, but definitely gets the job done, at a reasonable price. This will cost less than $350. The T-Mobile full price is just for show, no one pays it. And Wind already sells the Ascend P1 for $400, and that is a much more expensive model. Also, it’s nice that the G312 comes with ICS, as the T-mo model is on Gingerbread.

  • Big Ang

    Hmm… last time one of the new entrants sold a re-badged T-Mo MyTouch device it was a disaster – remember the HTC Panache? After the Panache disaster, I’d much rather pick up a Huawei (Chinese government spying and all) than another HTC, but I’d wait around for the reviews and to see if any major problems pop up before I’d even consider buying this phone.

  • TP

    $ can buy a BNIB galaxy nexus for $350 or less on kijiji.
    Or ask a friend/relative in U.S. to buy and ship a brand-new galaxy nexus.

  • William

    Please Wind get more brand name entry to mid level Android phones!

  • bobfreeze

    If this comes in at $250 I might consider on a Wind25 plan for $50. Much better than the Galaxy Q, their only other low-price Android option…

  • MoQ

    Now, this model apparently has a QWERTY and non-keyboard version – any idea which WIND may get? I think it would be a winning strategy with the former, as they’re still quite the niche market for people stuck on keyboards.

  • T1MB0T

    Huawei garbage again!? When is wind going to use that 200,000,000 subscriber muscle? So what if they are losing money they need to give the windidiots new phones!

    • hoo dat

      There there, Rocco. There there.