Cygnett UrbanShield and Workmate Cases for iPhone 5 Review


  • Really?

    You should disclose that Cygnet is paying MobileSyrup since they clearly are.

    • Nib

      So does that mean that every company that gets a good product review is “clearly” paying mobile syrup?

  • lol

    the logic of the mobile syrup visitor…

    • not a fandroid

      “For $24.99, the UrbanShield is highly recommend for those who want an iPhone 5 case with minimal bulk and an aesthetic flourish that stays true to the phone’s original design.” The bias is blinding and penetrating my brain …. can’t you see it?

      “There is also a white version for those with achromatic tastes.” Thats it! Case closed, this type of one sided review is too much for me to handle

  • Jordan

    These are also available at Future Shop (at least the Urban Shield is) if you want it fast.

  • Cell Hell

    How much at Future Shop? I notice that Best Buy/Future Shop always price everything higher than you can find it in other places. The exception being devices that have been replaced by new models when they need to clear stock.

  • Ben

    It’s 34.99 at Futureshop, but they’ll price match anyone now (not just other retailers).

  • James

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