Update: Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini will look like: 4-inch display, dual-core processor, runs Jelly Bean


  • Tenkaishy

    Isnt 1,500mAh battery a bit small?

    • NotS3

      This won’t be the mini S3!
      This is basically the Galaxy S1 (ONE) from 2010 with NFC, Flash and 1G or RAM instead of 520 from the 2010 model.

      As a matter of Fact the specs are WAY LOWER than the 2011 Galaxy S2 selling for $300 at Koodo and Virgin.

      This is a revamped (Ligher, more RAM, LTE maybe) phone. The S2 KILLS this phone. It does have the same case of the S3 and will probably be lighter than the Captivate, Fascinate and the one I can’t remember.

      The Samsung Galaxy Express with (i437) with a 4.5″ (at 480*800) could be the mini S3, but I think Samsung is announcing the entry-level models and letting the media make the noise ( you can’t buy !@#$ like this) and when the LG-Nexus is announced, Samsung will announce the mini S3!

      Which is no secret: It should be very close to the S2 HD LTE, with 4.3″-4.5″ bigger battery, a bit lighter and with a case simmilar to the S3

  • bobfreeze

    Wow – exactly my Nexus S…

    • Jim R

      Nexus S is single core.

    • jonny

      Nexus S only has 512MB ram, not a gig

  • crystal


  • tony

    Is this not very similar to the first galaxy s?

    • nely

      It’s pretty much a galaxy S in the body of a galaxy s3.

  • Gus

    Ahh, this would be awesome with a 720p display at 4″.

  • iphoneee

    4-inch??? only iPhone deserves to be 4-inch!

    • som

      I guess Apple and their lawyers are filing an injunction to have this phone pulled before it hits the market.
      Reason, “Uh, Judge we came up with the 4 inch smartphone, and everyone is copying us so we want it pulled. This 4 inch smartphone is a blatant rip off of ours. We’re future suing any company that makes any phone that is 4 inches to anything that is in the 4 inches range”


  • nrj4life

    It’s like an upgraded Nexus S. Not too shabby if priced right.

    • bobfreeze

      Upgraded in what way? The specs are EXACTLY the same except for double the RAM – seems like they’re just trying to bleed more money out of an 18-month old device.

    • Tom

      dual-core, and NFC too. I think that if you double the RAM and double the CPU’s, it really not exactly the same.

    • NotS3

      This is not the S3, but if they price it around $250 it will sell well!

      the S2 (With better specs than this) sells for $300 at Koodo, Virgin now. Those two phones set the bar now in Canada, is up to you to decide if any phone with a little bit better specs than that is worth paying double or triple that ammount.

    • bobfreeze

      Nexus S has NFC already. Point taken on the dual core though.

  • Kid.Canada

    399 Euros which equates to $510, that’s too pricy for a media player IMO. I’ll just stick to my S3 thank you very much.

    • Jim R

      If the 399 Euros includes VAT, then it’s not a fair calculation as VAT can range up to 25%. It’s necessary to factor out VAT (if present) before converting to dollars, since prices in NA are all pre-tax.

  • marion

    Agreed with Kid.Canada….399 euros for a mini…and with 100 and change more I can get the full size

  • Germaican

    I like that it comes with jelly bean. Hey Samsung how about you hurry up so that I can update my s3 to jelly bean.

  • roman20

    It’s a dual core Nexus S, with the best feature taken out. Stock JB.

  • jay

    good phone but also be a bit pricy

  • Matt Kim

    Still better than iPhone 5

    • Eric

      No Matt, this blows, hardcore.

      Specs are crappy, specs will struggle to keep on top of JB.

      Don’t be stupid, iPhone 5 is eons better than this.

  • TP

    Samsung is recycling the left over Nexus S. Put dual core and 1GB ram and call it ‘Galaxy S3 mini!’

  • Josh L

    For the same price or less I would pick up a used and unlocked s III. Better value for that kind of money…

  • Dro

    A brand new Galaxy Nexus from Mobilicity is only $350. I just hope this S3 mini specs are not real.

  • softwareden

    Pulling an Apple? Samsung.
    Small upgrade and charge full price.
    Guess this is the path every company takes when they are getting successful.
    They forget what got them there in the first place.

  • Peter

    Apple is getting ready to sue for the patented 4″ screen and dual core

  • Kevin

    Not everyone wants a large phone. My wife wants a new phone but the SGS III is too big for her. Look for this to be marketed toward women or people who want a new phone, but not the size.

  • Carlo

    I was so looking forward to a smaller version of the GS3 but without any hardware compromises (aside from screen size).

    Slower CPU, less memory, low pixel density, small battery? No Thanks.

    It looks like a mini GS3, but performance will also be mini.

  • Is This Bb10?

    Battery too small.

  • nrj4life


    Perhaps not that much spec-wise, but if it has even a handful of the S3’s features it’s a considerable improvement over the Nexus S. Plus it has Jellybean so technically you’re gaining here.

    • bobfreeze


      Nexus S has had JB since July…

  • Pascal

    It’s a Galaxy S II in the body of a samller S III.

  • John


  • Val Dodge

    It’s strange days when a phone with a 4″ screen is a “mini” anything.

    • Josh L

      I agree. Especially when a good chunk of people are stuck in 3 year term contracts and have a phone that has a screen size smaller than 4 inches. (like myself)

  • nely

    I hope they got the price or the specs wrong because for 399 euros or anything above that in dollars… the price doesn’t make much sense to me. You can get an Htc one V with comparable specs for so much lower at around 200$

  • Tomatoes

    Total cash grab. haha. It is like the Xperia U with a different screen and a GS3 body.

    I was hoping Samsung would crush the iphone 5 but I guess they have to make up for getting robbed 1 billion somewhere.

    They should call the Ativ S the Galaxy S3 Windows then. They would make up that 1 billion fast and help promote Windows Phone 8.

    • gjeff12

      Why not the galaxy s3 tab, the galaxy s3 xl (note), and next year the galaxy s iii ii?

  • Steven Schwartz

    Yes for tech and phone geeks like most of the commenters and readers here this is not impressive. But do not forget we are not the only people who buy phones. Stop being so smug. This will be a decent entry level / budget phone for a lot of people. Not every phone can be a flagship phone, nor does every consumer need a flagship phone. This will be so much better than most of LG, and Sony entry level phones which Fido, Koodoo and the ilk pimp on un informed consumers.

  • jess

    You know , this is just going to be a appel to teenagers, just if apple came out with a mini version of an iphone. Specks to them do not matter, as long as it looks cool and is similar in still noone will really care. Remember the Samsung link, looked so much like a blackberry, crappy phone but because it could be pasted off as one it was purchased. I think thats all this is going to be, just another thing for people who want the “expensive” look but not the price to be happy with

  • gjeff12

    I think it would be a mistake to use the S III name on this. It should be a Galaxy Y, W, or Ace II.

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Need more 4″ high-spec phones! Come on Samsung, throw me a bone!

  • Stan

    That’s basically a Galaxy S with dual core and 1GB of RAM and shouldn’t cost more than $200 brand new. Funny, cause even if Samsung put 8gb of ram in their phones their software optimizations still suck! My GS1 with custom ICS is at least 2 times faster than their stock TouchWiz it had before.
    Even my current GS3 lags sometimes and KIES takes forever to load.

  • boojay

    The size is perfect, the specs leave a lot to be desired however. It’s a shame.

  • kayn

    I don’t think it’s a good marketing or business idea for Samsung, or any company for that matter, to dilute the name or branding of their flagship device(s). Samsung should have boosted the specs to match the S3 while maintaining the smaller screen size for those looking for a more “manageable” device or chosen a different name for this phone. I see what they’re trying to do, but I think they’re doing it wrong. Then again, I’m just a consumer and not the head of a multi-billion dollar company, so what do I know.

  • General Zod

    I like the idea of selling smaller sized high end smartphones. I haven’t really liked the idea that smartphones will probably be 6″ by the time time my 3yr contract on my s2 runs out.

    This is a bit of a start. Small phone but not great specs. It’s a step in the right direction.

  • NexS

    So they basically did to the Nexus S with the Galaxy S III Mini, as HTC did to the Nexus One with the Desire… Slightly higher specs, but looks the same.

  • western

    I think it is freaking awesome that they just rick rolled apple – apples hot new awseome 4″ phone is now a “mini sized device” with all the negative associated. It doent matter if they sell 0 of these, they can now call the apple a partial,reduced size from standard, phone in comparison to their line

  • SC

    Mini size, mini performance