Performance, stability update coming soon to Nokia Lumia 610


  • WishList

    Nokia Rules.. at Parkour!!
    They do Flip after Flop and then fall and fail!

    That phone was overpriced and underspecced at release with very poor sales. Last month it reached End of Life at both Telus and Koodo:

    -This phone was DOA from the beginning and should have never been released in North America.

    Telus sells the Lumia 610 on prepaid now at $150, the Telus Ace at $99 is better (and looks like and iphonefor $99!) with the Koodo HTC One V at $200 or less this phone is a fail even in October 2012.

    • EvanKr

      Honestly, the 610 isn’t a bad entry level device. IMO compared to low-end $100 Androids, which can be quite laggy and slow, it’s much better. However, Nokia brought it onto the market for $200, only $30 less than the Lumia 710 from Rogers. If this was priced at $100-$125, it could’ve been a great phone, but not for $200.

    • migo

      The Galaxy Ace is a terrible phone, it doesn’t even have good modding support. The only Android that’s any good (and is no longer available) at that price point is the Optimus One.

  • Pruowd Canadadian

    Your aloud to buy canadain

  • Traveller

    Does Lumia 610 have a built-in GPS and offline Nokia Drive? I am looking for cheap phone which will help me navigate without data. 710/800/900 have this feature but are more expensive.

    • mark

      yup… from nokia lumia 610 user